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Every Discipline of the Sith Marauder and the Jedi Sentinel has the same Utility Points.

List of Marauder/Sentinel Utility Points[]

Utility Point Marauder Utility Point Sentinel Tier
Cloak of Carnage Jedi Enforcer Skillful
Overwhelm Debilitation Skillful
Cloak of Rage Jedi Crusader Skillful
Inexorable Adamant Skillful
Brazen Stoic Skillful
Path Carver Trailblazer Skillful
Maiming Reach Reining Reach Skillful
Unflinching Determination Unwavering Resolve Skillful
Interceptor Incisor Masterful
Relentless Ardor Masterful
Defensive Roll Defensive Roll Masterful
Subjugation Watchguard Masterful
Starngulate Pulse Masterful
Displacement Displacement Masterful
Phantom Force Fade Masterful
Thirst for Rage Inspired Focus Masterful
Unbound Fleetfooted Heroic
Expunging Camouflage Expunging Camouflage Heroic
Cloak of Annihilation Jedi Promulgator Heroic
Inescapable Just Pursuit Heroic
Undying Enduring Heroic
Blood Ward Zealous Ward Heroic
Brooding Contemplation Heroic
Through Victory Cut Loose Heroic