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Sith Sorcerer
Sith Sorcerer
Starting planet: Korriban
Base class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced classes: Sith Assassin
Sith Sorcerer

The Sith Sorcerer draws energy from the forbidden depths of the Force, mastering techniques that sap and drain enemies as they invigorate allies—or simply wreak utter devastation.

Skill trees[]

  • Corruption - Uses dark power to maintain allies' health in battle, and protect them from enemy attacks.
  • Lightning - Channels the Force to overload the Inquisitor's enemies with blasts of lightning.
  • Madness - Increases the Inquisitor's mastery of the Force to drain and corrupt his enemies.


Ability Level
Darkgift.png [Dark Heal] 10
Swsithpureblood.png [Force Attunement] 10
Lightningstrike.png [Lightning Strike] 10
Emergencyscan.png [Sith Lifebinder] 10
Cloakofpain.png [Transmission] 10
Forcestorm.png [Force Storm] 12
[Resurgence] 12
Electricshield.png [Static Barrier] 14
[Electric Induction] 15
Lifedrain.png [Affliction] 16
Prioritymedevac2.png [Unnatural Preservation] 18
Consumption.png [Consuming Darkness] 20
Casting.png [Expunge] 24
Polaritycharge.png [Polarity Shift] 28
Cloudmind.png [Cloud Mind] 30
Rescue.png [Extrication] 34
Reanimation.png [Reanimation] 50
Forcebarriersorcerer.png [Force Barrier] 51
[Unlimited Power] 56