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Every Discipline of the Sith Sorcerer and the Jedi Sage has the same Utility Points.

List of Sorcerer/Sage Utility Points[]

Utility Point Sorcerer Utility Point Sage Tier
Force Suffusion Psychic Suffusion Skillful
Chain Shock Upheaval Skillful
Sith Defiance Jedi Resistance Skillful
Tempest Mastery Tectonic Mastery Skillful
Empty Body Pain Bearer Skillful
Sap Strength Humility Skillful
Oppressing Force Pinning Resolve Skillful
Dark Speed Benevolent Haste Skillful
Suppression Blockout Masterful
Corrupted Flesh Mind Ward Masterful
Emersion Egress Masterful
Dark Resilience Valiance Masterful
Electric Bindings Force Wake Masterful
Lightning Barrier Telekinetic Defense Masterful
Conspiring Force Confound Masterful
Dizzying Force Dizzying Force Masterful
Backlash Kinetic Collapse Heroic
Surging Speed Metaphysical Alacrity Heroic
Shapeless Spirit Mental Defense Heroic
Force Haste Force Haste Heroic
Force Mobility Force Mobility Heroic
Corrupted Barrier Life Ward Heroic
Haunted Dreams Containment Heroic
Shifting Silhouette Ethereal Entity Heroic