Starting Abilities

Ability Channeling Time Cooldown Time Rage Range Description
Armor Proficiency: Medium Passive Self Able to equip medium-weight armor.
Assault Instant Instant +2 Melee Inflicts 36-46 damage with a series of quick melee attacks. Builds 2 Rage. Attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
Channel Hatred 15s 1m Self Restored Health over 15 seconds
Shii-Cho Form Instant 1.50 sec (Toggle) Self Enters a balanced lightsaber form, increasing all damage dealt and reducing all damage received by 3%.
Sprint Instant Toggle n/a Self Increase movement speed by 35% while not in combat.
Unnatural Might Instant 6 sec 30 m Increases the targets Melee, Ranged, Force, and tech bonus damage and ehaling by 5% for 60 minutes. If the target is a party member, all other party members are also affected.
Vicious Slash Instant Instant -3 4 m Slashes the target for 70-80 damage. Attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber Passive Able to equip single-bladed lightsabers.
Weapon Proficiency: Training Saber Passive Able to equip training sabers.
Weapon Proficiency: Vibrosword Passive Able to equip vibroswords and other one-handed melee weapons tied to the Strength attribute.

Trainable Abilities

Ability Level Learned Channeling TIme Cooldown Time Rage Range Description
Force Charge 2 Instant 15 sec +3 10-30 m Jump to a distant target, dealing 44-50 damage with the main-hand weapon, immoblizing the target for 2 seconds and interrupting the target's current action. Builds 3 rage. Cannot be used against targets in cover.
Smash 3 Instant 15 sec -3 Self Smashes up to 5 enemies within 5 meters, dealing 63-72 kinetic damage. Also stuns weak and standard enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Saber Ward 4 Instant 3 minutes n/a Self Raises a lightsaber ward, increasing melee and ranged defenses by 50% and reducing the damage taken from Force and tech attacks by 25%. Lasts 12 seconds.
Retaliation 5 Instant 6 sec -3 4 m Retaliates against the target for 75-84 weapon damage. Retaliation can only be used after a successful melee or ranged defense and it does not respect the global cooldown. Attacks with both weapons if dual wielding. Cannot miss, be parried or dodged.
Force Scream 6 Instant 12 sec -4 10 m Blasts the target with a Force-enhanced scream, dealing 105-119 kinetic damage. In addition, standard and weak enemies are stunned and deafened for 4 seconds.
Ravage 8 3 sec channeled 30 sec n/a 4 m Performs a series of lightsaber attacks that deals 252-271 weapon damage over 3 seconds. Standard and weak enemies are additionally stunned for the duration of the effect. Strikes with both weapons if dual wielding.
Unleash 9 Instant 2 minutes n/a Self Unleashes you from all incapacitation and movement-impairing effects.
Juyo Form 14 Instant Toggle n/a Self Enters an aggressive lightsaber form, causing your melee attacks to increase all damage dealt by 2% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
Call on the Force 15 Instant 20 minutes n/a Self Calls upon the Force to aid you and your companion, immediately finishing the cooldown on Saber Ward and restoring 2% of your maximum health every 3 seconds. Requires an active companion. Lasts 1 minute.
Disruption 18 Instant 8 sec -1 4 m Smashes into the target, disrupting its current action and preventing that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds.
Force Choke 24 3 sec channeled 1 minute n/a 10 m Chokes the target, crushing and stunning it while Force Choke is channeled. Deals 82 kinetic damage every second. Builds 1 rage per second.
Speeder Piloting 25 Passive Able to ride Speeder Bikes.
Pommel Strike 28 Instant 45 sec n/a 4 m Bashes the target, dealing 439-460 kinetic damage to weak and standard targets, and 320-341 kinetic damage to strong targets. Only usable on incapacitated targets.
Sweeping Slash 32 Instant Instant -3 4 m Slashes up to 5 enemies in front of you for 131-137 weapon damage each. Attacks with both lightsabers if dual wielding.
Savage Kick 34 Instant 15 sec n/a 4 m Kicks the target, dealing 404-429 kinetic damage to weak and standard targets, and 268-293 kinetic damage to strong targets. Only usable on slowed or immobilized targets.
Intimidating Roar 42 Instant 1 minute -1 Paralyzes all nearby enemies in fear, preventing all action for up to 6 seconds. Damage ends the effect prematurely. Has no effect on droids.
Vicious Throw 46 Instant 6 sec -3 10 m Throws the main-hand lightsaber at a target, dealing 486-567 energy damage. Only usable on targets at or below 20% max health.