A Sith apprentice is an individual (and on occasion, a child), that began serious training under a Sith Lord, usually chosen by the Sith Lord himself or herself, after the potential apprentice displayed an impressive act of loyalty or cruelty. In some cases, the individual pledged themselves to the teachings of the Sith Lord, thereby becoming the apprentice. In other situations, the Sith Lord sought out the student, being guided by the will of the dark side of the Force. Sith apprentices were analogous to Jedi Padawans, and the relationship between Sith Lord and apprentice was the analogue to Jedi Knight and Padawan. A Sith apprentice's time as a student ended either with his or her death, or when the apprentice killed the master, taking on an apprentice of his or her own, thereby ascending to the rank of Sith Lord. A Sith Acolyte who completes the trials and is accepted as the apprentice of a Sith Lord is considered Sith - no more, no less. Any non-Sith, however, is expected to refer to a Sith as “my lord” out of respect.

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