This article is about the Sith assassin advanced class in Star Wars The Old Republic. You may be looking for Sith assassin, which discusses the title within the Sith Order.
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Sith assassin
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Starter classes

Sith Inquisitor

Playable species

Sith Pureblood


Melee DPS


Light armor


Double-bladed saber




Sith Empire


Burst Melee DPS

"The subtle and deadly hand of the Sith Order, a Sith Assassin stops at nothing to win. Assassins leap from the shadows, channeling Force lightning through their dual-bladed lightsabers to disable and drain their enemies. They are masters of subterfuge, treacherous and unseen, feared by even the most terrible opponents. All Sith Assassins use the Force to conceal themselves and move invisibly, as well as learn to use double-bladed lightsabers. In addition, Assassins can opt to study the arts of Deception, obscuring their movements and ambushing their enemies; Darkness, bolstering Assassins’ defenses as they shock opponents in melee; and Madness, afflicting targets with nightmares that cripple their combat prowess and drain them of strength."
―In-game Codex (Game Rules)[src]

The Sith assassin is one of the of two advanced class of the Sith Inquisitor; the other is the Sith sorcerer.

They are the Sith counterpart of the Jedi Shadow.

Primary Focus

  • Tank
  • Melee DPS
  • Light armor
  • Double-bladed saber
  • Stealth
  • Burst Melee DPS


Speed and deception are the tools in the assassin's arsenal. Whether using stealth to infiltrate a Republic base and remove a high-profile target or tactfully entering a large-scale battle, the Assassin's double-bladed Lightsaber flashes with deadly precision to provide a relentless offense and when necessary, a formidable defense.

The assassin can channel the Force just as easily, mentally assaulting an enemy and manipulating a confrontation to ensure his/her side maintains the upper hand. This ability also extends to channeling Force power directly into the Assassin's lightsaber in preparation for especially devastating attacks.[1]

Sith assassins leap from the shadows to quickly and effectively take down his/her foes.

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Some of the Sith assassin's offensive abilities are:

  • Electrocute - Causes mild damage and stuns a target for 4 seconds.
  • Force Lightning - Channel lightning into your foe for 3 seconds for high damage.
  • Crushing Darkness - Cast on your foe to cause substantial damage over time.
  • Discharge - Causes damage based on aura; moderate damage over time, AoE damage, burst damage.
  • Shock - Moderate instant shock damage with short cooldown from short range.
  • Thrash - Double melee strike for moderate damage, low force cost.
  • Maul - Backstab strike for high damage, high force cost.
  • Saber Strike - Triple strike for mild damage, no cool down, no force cost.


The three Assassins skill trees.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Deception
Enhances the Assassin's stealth ability, helping him sneak up and dispatch her/his foes.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Darkness
Focuses on defensive techniques to help protect the Assassin and his/her allies.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Hatred
Increases the Inquisitor's mastery of the Force to drain and corrupt her/his enemies.


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