Sith trooper


Sith troopers were the foot soldiers of Jedi Civil War era Sith Empire.

They fought under the command of Sith Lords, Dark Jedi and Sith Officers and alongside less senior Dark Jedi and many variates of assault droids, most notably the Assault droid Mark IV.


  • Sith Commandos were elite Sith troopers, but their role is unknown. They usually wore red armor and used repeating blasters. During the First Jedi Purge, they wore silver colored armor.
  • Sith Elite gunners wore copper colored suits. They often utilized disruptor rifles, which could penetrate energy shields.
  • Sith Heavy troopers were heavy weapons combat specialists, but were rarely seen. They also used red armor, and heavy repeating blasters. Heavy troopers were only seen in important areas to the Sith, which suggests that they were higher ranking than other units.
  • Sith Grenadiers were troopers who used were known to use grenades, mostly fragmentation or concussion types. They wielded blaster pistols if anyone came up close. Some were known to use thermal detonators.
  • Sith Advanced troopers were a possible attempt to make better Sith soldiers. They were some of the most skilled soldiers in the Imperial Army, they were used to guard the Star Forge. They used vibroblades and blasters.
  • Sith Wranglers used tamed beasts in combat. They were used where strength was represented by large beasts.



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