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Bounty Hunter companion

Species: Houk
Gender: Male
Planet: Belsavis
Weapon(s): Vibroswords
Voice actor: Neil Kaplan

Skadge is a male Houk and fifth companion of the Bounty Hunter player character.


A career gangster and psychopath, Skadge had been enjoying a prestigious position at the top of Coruscant's most wanted list when a joint police, military and SIS task force managed to finally capture him. Deemed impossible to control or reform, the murderous Houk was secretly ushered to the only facility capable of housing him: Belsavis.

Although considered a prime candidate for the prison's domination experiments, Skadge was removed from the program during his initial evaluation--a period over which he destroyed a gang of armed Kaleesh, every remaining member of his test group, half the observing researchers and three security details... with his bare hands.

Now, with the Imperial invasion of Belsavis, Skadge has been set loose after nearly three years of solitary confinement. He's ready to settle some grudges.


Likes: Violence, causing suffering, destruction, bullying

Dislikes: Compromise, taking orders, weakness


Skadge prefers Underworld Goods and Weapons gifts.

Skadge gift preferences
Courting Cultural Delicacies Imperial Luxury Maintenance Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
++ +++ ++ ++++ ++++


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