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"Traitor, scoundrel, thief: these are a few of the many unpleasant words associated with notorious con man Skavak. A rogue even in the galactic underworld he calls home, Skavak has double-crossed fellow criminals from Coruscant to Dantooine. His business partners are disposable assets, and friends are only a means to an end. Skavak’s sole loyalty is to himself, and he’ll take jobs from anyone if it will line his pockets with a few more credits. Brash, arrogant and utterly without remorse, Skavak is long overdue for a takedown. The only question is, who has the guile and skill to outwit the man they call “the Jackal of the Stars”?"
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Skavak was a Human smuggler, gunrunner and gambler who was most remembered and hunted for his incredible ability to slice and steal practically any starship. He never settled in one location or down with a criminal organization, preferring to work alone and around the galaxy in attempts to become richer. He was known to have connections with Imperial contacts, but was never in league with them for anything other then a mutual business arrangement.

One of Skavak's most perplexing traits was the ability to sway young women's loyalties toward him, allowing to amass hundreds of potential allies across the galaxy.


Almost nothing is known about Skavak's early life, though it is suspected that he wiped away his criminal record at a young age for speeder theft. Skavak took to thieving ships and causing trouble for numerous gangs over the course of several years while still in his teens (supposedly). His most notable gang schemes were pulled against the Black Sun and Exchange gangs, both of whom vowed to kill him for the offenses. One such crime boss pledged to rip a chunk of flesh from Skavak's body for every offense committed against him and his corporation. If taken literally, and Skavak was caught by such crime boss, it would literally leave a small chunk of flesh left.

Skavak finally fell in line with Rogun the Butcher, and the two worked numerous operations on various planets for months. Eventually, Rogun sent Skavak to oversee a prototype blaster delivery on Ord Mantell while Rogun was off-planet. The smuggler delivering the blasters was taken completely off guard as Skavak stole the smuggler's ship and the blasters from Rogun while diverting the blame away from himself. Flying the ship to the Ord Mantellian Separatist Movement's headquarters, Skavak managed to solidify a cover that he was, in fact, working for them, which drew the smuggler away from him as he made his escape off-planet.

Thinking he had outwitted his enemy, Skavak traveled to Coruscant and took a contract for an Imperial naval officer who wanted a jewel to present to a superior officer. The prize that Skavak took turned out to be a forgery or an artifact belonging to the Sullustan aristocrcy. Skavak delivered the fake, but was inturrupted by the appearance of the smuggler who's ship Skavak stole on Ord Mantell. Skavak fled the scene, but his Imperial contact, and the Sullustan law enforcement officer - who had also followed, attempting to reclaim the ruby - were killed in the ensuing firefight. Skavak attempted to find a way back to the spaceport and his ship, but it was reclaimed by the smuggler before he could reach it. He was also cut out of a deal that he had originally made with Risha - attempting to claim the long-lost riches of legendary crime lord Nok Drayen.

"Finders keepers! Isn't that what you always say?"

Skavak was forced to hire mercenaries assembled from his numerous contacts to reach different goals around the galaxy to get to the riches first, but was foiled each time on Taris and Alderaan. Finally, when the smuggler had everything in place to go after the riches, Skavak found an opportune moment to stow on board his old ship while the smuggler was making one final delivery to Nar Shaddaa. The last journey led to a decrepit starship drifting into a black hole, where Skavak stayed hidden and incapacitated a member of the smuggler's crew (reports fail to indicate whether it was Bowdaar or Corso Riggs), and waited for the smuggler to return with the fortune. Skavak offered the smuggler one chance to team up before killing and obtaining the fortune for himself.

It is unclear as to whether or not a partnership was formed or a final gunfight followed this conversation, as all records from the ship were lost the black hole, but the smuggler's ship did leave the freighter intact and with the fortune.


'Skavak' is also the title of a smuggler-specific codex entry unlocked in the smuggler story on Ord Mantell.

This codex entry can be unlocked by completing the first quest in the smuggler story line "Landing Party" and speaking with Corso Riggs after defeating the guards in the phased ship hangar. The approximate coordinates are [80, -480]

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