So you have decided to 'shoot first and ask questions later' by playing the Smuggler. The Republic will keep you busy moving cargo where noone else can, so let's get started!


The different races available for Smugglers include:

Start of the Game

When your character is first created, you'll have a couple combat abilities to get to know. In the beginning, you can win just about anything you do, but this is the time to get to know the pace and order of your abilities. As you level, you'll get more abilities, so take this opportunity to learn the basics right. This is also where you'll start getting used to tracking cooldown timers. If you don't plan these out, your best abilities won't be available when you need it. Alternatively, you might take a lot more damage than necessary when a quick finisher move was available and unused.

Cover- this is essentially temporary armor that you have to sit still while using. You can fight weak enemies without it, but as you fight stronger opponents you'll want to have already mastered this.

Snipe- this is your basic skill shot; you'll get other big-hitters, but this is a good one at any level.

Grenade- this is a starter area-affect attack, centered on your current target. learn to use this as an opener, and how to tab through your targets to finish off the weaker ones quickly

Leveling Up

Be sure to check your mini map frequently for the triangles that show you a quest-giver. There are many that aren't in a safe town, sometimes just an object you have to click on.

Take a moment when you target an enemy, to see the indicators show up if he is linked to other enemies. Fighting more than one opponent at once is not a problem, but you'll want to plan on the order of the fight and know who's the major threat before starting.

Even if you're capable of doing these starter quests alone, try grouping up with other beginners periodically. It's not always about faster. Sometimes the things you won't need to know until level 20 can only be learned properly when you're level 5.

Getting Around

A lot of missions will feature travelling to a location, doing something or killing someone, and then returning to the person who gave the mission initially. One way to speed up this process is to use the taxis that are scattered around each map. They are indicated with two yellow arrows pointing in opposite directions. Taxis cost credits, but are usually a very small amount, and can only travel to other taxi hubs that have already been discovered.

Another way to get around quickly is to quick travel. That is a special move that is located in the hot-bar on the bottom of the screen. It is blue and looks like a planet. After clicking on the quick travel button, select where to go, and the character will show up there almost immediately. Remember though, quick travel can only be used once every 30 minutes.

There is now a new free fleet pass option available. This allows you to travel back to the Republic Fleet (Carrick Station) once every 16 hours. If you have purchased or use the app for a security key you can also buy fleet passes with a shorter cooldown time.



Companions are Non-Playable Characters (or NPCs) who follow around the player's character. The first companion that the Smuggler has is Corso Riggs

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