Ord Mantell

The Smuggler lands on Ord Mantell, to deliver blasters to two men named Skavak and Corso Riggs. Shortly after the Smuggler arrives, Separatist gain control of a land cannon which would prevent ships from landing or departing. After the Smuggler disarms the controls, they are contacted by Riggs who tells them that the hanger's under attack by Separatists. After stopping them, the Smuggler's ship (and the blasters aboard) is stolen by Skavak, who reveals to be a traitor. Corso introduces the Smuggler to his boss Viidu. Viidu tells them that the blasters stolen by Skavak were meant for a dangerous man called Rogun the Butcher, and that he will be after them, regardless that it was Skavak's doing. With Viidu's help, he tracks down the last location of Skavak, at the Separatist base and the Smuggler and Corso head there only to discover that Skavak betrayed the Separatists so he could steal an ancient droid from them. They learn that Viidu's employee, Syreena was helping Skavak. They arrive back to find Syreena had killed Viidu and was speaking with Skavak through the holo. Skavak abandons Syreena on Ord Mantell, and in revenge, she tells them that Skavak had taken the guns and ship to Coruscant. She provides them with a shuttle pass and after facing a few of Rogun's bounty hunters, the Smuggler and Corso leave for Coruscant.


The Smuggler and Corso arrive on Coruscant, and Corso introduces the Smuggler to Darmas Pollaran who would help them locate Skavak. He eventually leads them to Skavak who is dealing with Imperials. They find him trading with the Imperials, and find out that the Smuggler's ship is at a spaceport. The Smuggler takes back his ship but the blasters had been sold, leaving the Smuggler wanted by Rogun the Butcher. The Smuggler finds a woman named Risha in the cargo hold, along with some miscellaneous items. Originally partnered with Skavak, she tells the Smuggler that the items will help them reach a great treasure, belonging to Nok Drayen, upon delivering them to the proper buyers.

Chapter 1 (The Fatal Fortune)


Arriving at Taris, Risha tells they Smuggler that they are after an astrogation chart from an ancient vault. To locate it, Risha points the Smuggler to an old contact named Beryl Thorne who would locate the vault for the Smuggler. After handling two contracts for Thorne, she is able to locate the vault, and after fighting off Skavak's mercenaries, the Smuggler obtains the chart. Risha tells the Smuggler that the creator of the chart was able to map out pathways and hideouts throughout the system. 

Nar Shaddaa

On Nar Shaddaa, Risha tells the Smuggler they are going to pick up a prototype starship engine from a Hutt named Drooga, in exchange for the shanjaru caged on the ship. Before leaving, Risha warns the Smuggler that Rogun's personal bounty hunter is on Nar Shaddaa. After helping a Wookie named Bowdaar fight some grunts, which were set on him for Drooga's entertainment, the Smuggler finds out that Drooga wanted a set of male and female shanjaru and the female that was already in his possession was stolen by activists, making him lose interest in obtaining the male. The Smuggler goes to find the activists and find out it is left in the care of a scientist named Lazhae, who, unknown to the activists, likes to experiment on beast genetics. Before pursuing him, the Smuggler runs into the bounty hunter and with the help of Bowdaar, they defeat him. After fighting through Lazhae's twisted experiments, they reach the scientist and find the activist captured, who's been experimented on, as well as the female shanjaru. After aquiring the shanjaru, the Smuggler returned to Drooga, thus reviving his interest of the male shanjaru and making the trade with the Smuggler. The Smuggler sees Bowdaar has been poisoned by Drooga so he would have difficulty fighting the last beast, a gundark. The Smuggler and Corso help Bowdaar vanquish the beast and Bowdaar, feeling honored by the Smuggler, offers his services and joins them. The Smuggler returns to the ship, where Risha has installed the starship engine.

The Smuggler gets a distress call from a woman who asks for help, as her ship is damaged. The Smuggler boards the ship, only to be attacked by droids, and finds the lady hiding behind a force field. She admits she set a trap for them, as she found out the Smuggler was a rival against Skavak, to whom she developed an attraction towards. The Smuggler defeats the droids and returns to the ship where Risha plans out the final two destinations: Tatooine and Alderaan.


One Tatoonie, the Smuggler must locate Diago Hixan, the rival of Nok Drayen, to obtain a Gree sensor computer that Hixan stole after Drayen vanished. The Smuggler finds an underling of Hixan, who says the need to locate a dragon fang in order to contact the gang leader. The Smuggler found the fang and is able to locate Hixan, who, in his madness, attacked everyone. After Hixan is killed, the Smuggler obtains the sensor computer and returns to the ship for Risha to install.


On Alderaan, the Smuggler delivered the droid to Teraan nobles. The Smuggler retrieved the instructions to unlock the droid and find proof of money owed to the noble house. In payment, they get a schematic for an anti-radiation shield for the ship. The Smuggler then delivers the head of a dead Sith, but the buyer said he already received it. It turned out, Skavak delivered a false head to obtain an Arkanian Hyperdrive. Before Skavak could finish installments, the Smuggler stole the hyperdrive.

Nok Drayen's Treasure

After obtaining both items, Risha received a call from an old friend of her's named Juran, who told her his wife, Audila, was kidnapped and the kidnappers wanted to meet with Risha. The Smuggler and Risha travelled to Tatooine, and the kidnappers implied they were sent by royalty, trying to kill Risha, but the Smuggler helped and freed Audila.

Risha then directed the Smuggler to Nar Shaddaa. At Nar Shaddaa, the man frozen in carbonite is thawed and revealed to be Nok Drayen, the man who's treasure the Smuggler's been hunting. Risha revealed she is Nok Drayen's daughter and the underworld king told where his treasure is located, on a derelict ship called the Long Shadow. After fighting their way through and retrieving what they needed, the Smuggler and his companion returned to the ship to find Skavak waiting for them, who stowed away on the Smuggler's ship to reach the treasure. They fought and the Smuggler killed Skavak and retrieved Corso's gun, Torchy, before taking off. The crew returned to Nar Shaddaa, where Nok Drayen was dying from a disease he was infected with years before going into hibernation. He revealled he and Risha were royalty, and as a final lesson to his daughter, he ordered Risha to kill the Smuggler. But she refused and Nok Drayen died. The Smuggler offered Risha a place on his ship, which she accepted, becoming a member of his team.

Chapter 2 (Battle of the Underworld)

The Smuggler is contacted by Darmas Pollaran, who heard about their adventures. He asked them to go to Port Nowhere with a proposition. Risha warned the Smuggler that she caught a signal known to be used by a dangerous Imperial privateer known as the Voidwolf. At Port Nowhere, they were ambushed by Rogun's mercenaries and bounty hunters. After fighting them off, the Smuggler released the imprisoned Darmas Pollaran, and Republic Senator Dodonna. They said Rogun was working for the Voidwolf. The Senator offered the Smuggler a job as a privateer, where the Republic provides him targets and he can keep whatever loot he gains during the task. They first task him to go to Balmorra, but the conversation is cut short as the Voidwolf arrives at the base with his fleet, forcing everyone to flee, though Darmas was able to take the base away to safety for the time being.


Arriving at Balmorra, Darmas instructed the Smuggler to speak with Numen Brock about obtaining weapons from a project called Project Nebula. Thanks to an insider by the code name "Golden", they learned about the Nebula shipments. Arriving at the Droid Factory, they pick up the data file Golden left only to be confronted by Imperial soldiers. One of them, a Mandalorian named Akaavi Spar helps the Smuggler instead of arresting him, in hopes the Smuggler could lead her to Moff Tyrak, who was Golden. Returning, they found out Numen was taken to an Imperial prison camp. They break in and find Akaavi, who helps them get further in. She learned the last member of her clan was now executed, and she prepared to destroy the place while the Smuggler saved Numen. Tyrak reported a shipment, only to be a ruse so he could be rescued by the Republic. Using the Moff, they find out where the shipment is going, and where they could reprogram it away from the Imperials. Akaavi arrived and tried to understand why Tyrak executed her clan, only to discover he did it unknowingly, only signing the paper without reading it. Disappointed, and feeling lose without vengence, the Smuggler lets Akaavi join his crew.


Before heading to Hoth, the Smuggler headed to Quesh, answering a call from another Republic privateer, Captain Ozzik, who was being attacked by the Voidwolf. At an Imperial station, the Smuggler met the Voidwolf via holo, before taking down the station.


On Hoth, the Smuggler was instructed by Dodonna to locate a cloaking device that the pirates, the White Maw, have obtained, making their ships undetectable. Upon arriving to meet an officer, the Smuggler is greeted by a Jedi named, Guss Tuno. He told them the officer was dead and that the Smuggler was going to be assigned to infiltrate the White Maw. He advised them to steal sensors from the Republic as proof they could be members of the gang. Upon being caught, it is revealed that the Jedi was a fake. Guss admitted he was a failed Padawan, who was working for a rising commander for the pirates, Shai Tenna, and Guss sets up a meeting. Shai's lover, Alilia, spoke with the Smuggler, revealing to be playing the pirate and provides the Smuggler information. After taking out the competition, Shai Tenna betrayed the Smuggler, and tried to kill him, and later, Guss revealed Shai Tenna was under orders of Rogun, to try to bring the White Maw under Rogun's control. Guss later admitted he was working for Rogun, but becoming impressed by the Smuggler, and treated poorly by his superiors, he chose not attempt to kill the Smuggler. With Guss's help, they infiltrated the base to find the cloaker was a mentally challenged alien, named Trick, whom Alila was caring for, and Shai Tenna was tormenting to trigger the cloaking capabilities. Shai Tenna arrived with his gang, and the Smuggler killed him and his gang surrendered, and Trick was out of White Maw hands. Before leaving, Guss met up with the Smuggler and he was allowed to join the Smuggler's crew.

The King's Ransom

Darmas contacted the Smuggler about a valuable job. He introduces the Smuggler to Vaz Traniff, another criminal who needed help freeing his partner, Combo, from a Hutt. After rescuing Combo, the Smuggler and Vaz Traniff planned to rob an Imerial treasury ship called the King's Ransom. After meeting the Senator at the port, the flew and infiltrated the King's Ransom. The Smuggler broke into the vaults, one of them, holding three Moffs. They called for the Voidwolf's help through a holo, but he not only denied helping them, but started destroying the ship. Upon returing to port, the Smuggler found the Senator being approached by a bounty hunter, accompanied by some bizzare creatures, and the Smuggler rescues her. She ordered the Smuggler to go see Darmas to learn more about Rogun and the strange creatures.

Chapter 3 (Wrath of the Voidwolf)

Darmas contacted the ship, informing them that the creature was from Voss, and it will take time for the Senator to get the permits for the Smuggler to land there. Until then, Darmas directed the Smuggler to Belsavis to find an old close associate of Rogun.


On Belsavis, the Smuggler began his search looking for Rogun's old mentor, Ivory, in hopes to find out possible locations of Rogun. The prison marshal sent him to the cell, where Ivory had already broke out and it is discovered that he was gathering followers on the prison planet, heading more inward to the prison, to the vaults. Dodging Rogun's assassin, who was assumed to try and free Ivory, the Smuggler arrived at maximum security, where Ivory was preparing to escape. However, the Smuggler and Ivory were held at gunpoint by Rogun's assassins, who were sent to kill Ivory (and revealed Rogun was the one who sent Ivory to prison). After fighting the assassin's the Smuggler made a deal with Ivory and he provides a list of locations Rogun might be hiding.

After dealing with Ivory, they got a call from a Jedi named Sumalee. She's an old acquaintance of Risha and asked the Smuggler to help another friend of their's. He accepted it and flew to Hoth and rescued her. He then got a call from the Senator who got his permits to land on Voss.


On Voss, the Smuggler began searching for leads and found out exotic creatures were being smuggled off world by Jela Reneke. She ambushed him with her accomplice Gormak Zak, a human who has become accustomed to the Gormak ways. After escaping alive, the Smuggler agreed to be frozen in carbonite in order to try and ambush Jela, but only Zak was present. Instead of fighting, he asked for help, sickened by the mutations Jela was committing using Gormak tech on creatures from the Nightmare Lands, and abandoning the Gormak and Rogun, choosing to trade with Sith instead. Making their way through the Nightmare Lands, they find Jela, her Sith sponsor, and the modified creatures. After killing Jela, the Smuggler is judged by the Voss for his actions on Voss, though he is cleared of charges Jela's crimes.

The Smuggler got a call from Darmas, telling them that he discovered Rogun's hideout was on Tatooine. The Smuggler infiltrates the safehouse and finds the crime boss. Rogun and the Smuggler are ambushed by two Sith, working for the Voidwolf, wishing to kill both the Smuggler and Rogun. The Voidwolf revealed that Darmas and Senator Dodonna were both acting under the Voidwolf's orders to kill Rogun so the Voidwolf could control all the gangs. Rogun revealed that the Voidwolf formed a pirate fleet to attack the Republic from behind their lines. After defeating the Sith, Rogan told the Smuggler the Voidwolf's flagship was at Corellia, and the two part ways.


Arriving on Corelia, the Smuggler was able to track down Darmas and Dodonna, who pointed the way to the Voidwolf to a Corellian leader. Taking his shuttle, the Smuggler infiltrated the Voidwolf's ship and confronted the man, who was on speaker with other underworld commanders, preparing to attack the Republic. The Smuggler fought the Voidwolf, ending with the Voidwolf perishing in an explosion, and the Smuggler was able to deprive the Empire of a valued asset.


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