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Every Discipline of the Sniper and the Gunslinger has the same Utility Points.

List of Sniper/Gunslinger Utility Points[]

Utility Point Sniper Utility Point Gunslinger Tier
Ballistic Dampers Ballistic Dampers Skillful
Snap Shot Snap Shot Skillful
Cover Screen Cover Screen Skillful
Flash Powder Flash Powder Skillful
Vital Regulators Cool Under Pressure Skillful
Imperial Efficiency Efficient Ammo Skillful
Calculated Pursuit Hot Pursuit Skillful
Pulse Screen Pulse Screen Skillful
Seek Cover Heads Up Masterful
Augmented Shield Hotwired Defenses Masterful
Counterstrike Dirty Trickster Masterful
Stroke of Genius Pandemonium Masterful
Pillbox Sniper Lay Low Masterful
Reestablish Range Reset Engagement Masterful
Imperial Demarcation Trip Shot Masterful
Lumbering Impact Lumbering Impact Masterful
Series of Snares Compounding Impact Heroic
Crippling Diversion Crippling Diversion Heroic
Siege Bunker Holed Up Heroic
Deployed Shields Riot Screen Heroic
Debilitating Shots Kneecappin' Heroic
Hold Your Ground Hold Your Ground Heroic
Evacuate Plan B & C Heroic
Over-prepared Perfect Scheme Heroic