"When you adventure with other players, you earn social points. Social points are earned primarily by talking to NPCs while in a group with other players. You will earn points faster by being in larger groups and by winning rolls in conversations. However, any social points you accrue will not actually be awarded to you until you turn in the mission. As you earn more social points, your status in the social tiers will also advance. Open your character sheet (‘C’ by default) to view your current social tier. Mousing over the progress bar will show you your progress towards the next tier. Advancing in social tiers will allow you to purchase and use social items found throughout the world. These will most frequently be found on vendors marked as ‘social vendors’ throughout your adventures. Most of what they will sell are unique outfits appropriate to the planet you are on, but in some cases, they may also have a few surprises!"
―In-game Codex (Game Rules)[src]

Introduction To Social Points

This article discusses the SW:TOR in-game system that measures and tracks a character's social, or multiplayer, interactions.

Social points can be earned through talking with a large group of players, doing a storyline for other players (note that the person who initiated the quest will not get social points) or participating in dungeons with groups. The larger the group, the more social points each person earns.

Calculating Social Points

When a player enters into any dialogue or conversation roll, they are eligible to receive social points. Every participant in a conversation automatically earns one point for competing in a conversation roll, a figure that depending on the size of the group can scale up to a maximum of four points.

Every time a player wins a conversation roll they are given two points, and depending on the size of the group this figure can scale up to a maximum of eight points.

Conversation roll point distributions are shown in the table below:

Conversation Participants Conversation Roll Loss Points Conversation Roll Win Points
One 2
(Cannot lose roll in single-player conversation)
Two 2 4
Three 3 6
Four 4 8

Social Ranks

Social Rank Rank Title Point Requirement
1 Friendly 0
2 Outgoing 750
3 Coordinator 1550
4 Party Time 2450
5 Guide 3400
6 Chatterbox 4350
7 Extrovert 5400
8 Charismatic 6550
9 Leader 7750
10 Big Time 9000