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Social points is a system that awards points to characters for grouping with other players. Points can be earned by several methods. The main method is by talking to NPCs while in a group with other players. More points are earned by winning rolls and being in larger groups. Points can also be earned by completing bonus mission objectives. Points acquired through conversation rolls are not awarded until the mission is turned in.


Points are needed to progress a character through social tiers. A character's current social points and tier can be viewed from the character sheet.

  • Points to tier I - 10
  • Points to tier II - 750
  • Points to tier III - 1550
  • Points to tier IV - 2450
  • Points to tier V - 3400
  • Points to tier VI - 4350
  • Points to tier VII - 5400
  • Points to tier VIII - 6500
  • Points to tier IX - 7750
  • Points to tier X - 9000


Certain items, mostly from social vendors, have a social tier requirement.