"Offensive Systems: Blaster cannons are the primary weapon system of most starships, and can be fired continuously. However, targets equipped with ray shielding cannot be damaged by blaster fire–these targets pulse blue when hit. Secondary weapons must be used against such targets. Missile launchers are a common secondary weapon system. Missile targets can be designated (or “painted”) by a ship’s target lock-on system, allowing multiple missiles to be fired at different targets simultaneously. With enough investment, it is possible to equip starships with powerful proton torpedo launchers.
Defensive Systems: Shields are a ship’s first line of defense against damage. When upgraded with a regenerator, shields gradually repair themselves over time as long as the SHIP’S BLASTER CANNONS AREN’T FIRING. Ion cannon blasts–identifiable by their distinctive blue energy trails–can temporarily disable shield systems on impact, so it is critical to avoid them.
―In-game Codex (Game Rules)[src]

Space Combat is a game system that allows players to enjoy space battles like in the Star Wars movies. It's a minigame that is accessible via the Galaxy Map and is there for players who want to do something different than battling on the ground.

Following the end of the Great Galactic War, Space Battles between the Republic and Sith Empire and various third parties continued across the galaxy despite the Treaty of Coruscant.[1] In addition, there are missions available that involve the completion of several space battles. These missions occasionally provide upgrades for the ship.


Space Combat missions can be faction-based scenarios or more independent encounters. Amid the large-scale space battles between the Republic and Empire, the objective may be to destroy an enemy battle cruiser. In areas where space travel is particularly risky, the goal may be escort a friendly shuttle to safety.

In Space Combat, the player controls his/her ship in a linear fashion through the whole battle. This game approach is sometimes called a "tube shooter" or "rail shooter." Gameplay setup starts the player's ship at the beginning of the scenario, moving directly towards the objective. The player must maneuver the ship through obstacles and destroy enemies as they intersect this track. Mission difficulty and complexity will escalate with the player's level advancement, and the stakes will also increase. A player will be able to upgrade his/her ship with new weapons, armor, shields, etc. These upgrades are only for Space Combat and are not visible in the core game; however, other rewards from Space Combat may be useful for other aspects of the game.[2]

Space Battles and Space Combat Missions

Space combat can be fought in space battle zones, either by simply flying there, or in the context of space combat missions (which consist of fighting one or more space battles, with additional payout for completing all of them). The rewards for completing either are credits, space combat commendations, and experience points. For a full list of space battles and combat missions, please see Space Battle.

Space Combat Gameplay

Starship Controls

  • Move your mouse to steer your starship.
  • Left-click the mouse to fire blasters. You can hold down for continuous fire, however, while firing your shields do not regenerate.
  • Right-click the mouse to fire torpedoes. You can hold down the right mouse button and swipe across up to 4 targets to multi-select targets for your torpedoes. You will see the color of the targets focus indicator change when they are selected, then release the mouse button to fire the torpedoes.

Starship Gear

As you progress through the space combat missions, the difficulty increases and you will want to upgrade the equipement for your Starship by acquiring Starship Upgrades.


You can earn achievements and titles from participating in space combat. You earn Flyboy or Flygirl, depending on character gender, from participating in your first space combat mission. For others see Space Combat Titles.