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Primary objective[]

Each space mission has a primary objective, indicated in the objective tracker in the upper-right corner of the space combat screen. You must achieve this objective to successfully complete the mission.

Bonus objectives[]

Each space mission also has a set of three bonus quests, which will not show up on the objectives tracker until you make progress on one of them (destroying the first turret, for example). Each bonus quest will reward some XP and credits.

  • The first usually involves shooting down a large number of enemy ships, it is generally available immediately.
  • The second usually has to do with the capital ships, destroying their turrets, shield generators, engines, etc. This quest usually has a level restriction.
  • The third generally involves destroying a large target, such as the bridge of a capital ship. It will be available immediately, but may be difficult if not impossible without higher level ship equipment, such as torpedoes. This quest will only be available once per day per mission. However, the target objective will still give destruction xp every mission, which is usually a significant amount compared to other targets. (e.g. 500xp vs 7xp)

For more information on each space mission's bonus objectives, including what level each becomes available at, see the page for that particular mission. Also, see the spreadsheet linked in the External Links section below for an overview.

Space Combat basics[]


  • Left mouse button: Fire guns. Holding down the left mouse button allows for continuous fire.
  • Right mouse button: Fire missiles. Hold down, mouse over a maximum of 4 targets. A blue lock will appear. Release right mouse button to fire.
  • Space Bar: Do a barrel roll! Possibly evades incoming fire.
  • At Level 50, you get access to Proton Torpedoes. They are fired same way as missiles, except you have to maintain your mouse over the target until you get a lock.


Both the mouse and WASD keys move your ship. However, using the WASD keys allows pilots to target/fire with the mouse. Most pilots find this the most effective method to complete missions. Your ship follows a predetermined course through the combat zone. Usually you have sufficient time to accomplish your primary objective(s).

You have Shields and Armor. Shields regenerate ONLY when the ship guns are not firing. Firing missiles does not affect shield regeneration. A Power Conversion Module is available to level 25 pilots. This device will allow pilots to switch power priority between guns and shields. The particular combat encounter will dictate power priorities as pilots advance in level. However, the best advice is to always "keep your shields up!"

Space Combat Tips and Tricks[]

  • Do not lead your target. The guns are "smart." Just put the target cursor on top of the target and click.
  • With level appropriate updates all fighters are dispatched with 2-3 shots. They usually come from behind, turn and fire at you giving you plenty of time to shoot them down. Damage is usually low.
  • Turrets deal a lot of damage and take several hits to destroy. Make these priority over fighters during extended missions.
  • You can ignore fighters and recharge your shields. You CANNOT ignore turrets, as long as you see any, keep firing regardless of shield status.
  • When fighters are coming from ahead, you can see their red dots/trail depending on distance. Fire 4 shots from max range and switch to another target. It will take a couple of seconds for weapon fire to hit, but it will hit and kill it if you aimed right.
  • In your first battle you have a limited amount of missiles. If they are needed for objectives, be sure to save some for that. You can buy a starship upgrade with more missiles.
  • Whether it is realistic or not, both friend and foe attacks can go through what should be solid objects. For example you can shoot through an asteroid and hit the fighter on the other side. Or you can shoot through a space station and hit a target on the other side. Basically if your targeting reticle is red, you will hit whatever is there. While some might consider this cheating, it should be considered fair gameplay, since the enemy AI will use this against you. For example capital ship turrets will target and shoot at you even if they are obstructed from view. Video example.

Upgrading your ship[]

Your ship can be equipped with new items just as you are able to equip your companion. Ship upgrades can be purchased from vendors, as well as crafted by characters with the Cybertech crew skill.

There are 10 equipment slots:

  • Ship Armor
  • Energy Shield
  • Shield Generator
  • Beam Charger
  • Beam Generator
  • Missile Magazine

You can find a full list of upgrades available here.


Once you get your ship, you will be able to undertake space missions. They are available from your ship's galaxy map. There are also daily space missions available from the communications terminal on your ship's bridge, which reward Fleet Commendations (can be redeemed for some ship upgrades), along with extra XP and credits.

Republic missions[]

Operation Midnight Freedom
Galactic Republic [15] Space Combat: Fondor Escort

Operation Searing Light
Galactic Republic [15] Space Combat: Javaal Fleet Action
Galactic Republic [15] Space Combat: Balosar Outpost

Operation Noble Gambit
Galactic Republic [20] Space Combat: Archenar Interception
Galactic Republic [20] Space Combat: Makem Te Assault

Operation Ardent Wave
Galactic Republic [28] Space Combat: Syvris Evacuation (Hard version of Javaal Fleet Action)
Galactic Republic [28] Space Combat: Llanic Station Strike (Hard version of Balosar Outpost)

Operation Glory Cyclone
Galactic Republic [34] Space Combat: Pakuuni Defense
Galactic Republic [34] Space Combat: Kovor Ice Field

Operation Sunder Zero
Galactic Republic [40] Space Combat: Hydian Way Blockade
Galactic Republic [40] Space Combat: Drexel Sweep (Hard version of Archenar Interception)

Operation Grand Nova
Galactic Republic [44] Space Combat: Kalee Fortification (Hard version of Pakuuni Defense)
Galactic Republic [44] Space Combat: Zosha Advance (Hard version of Makem Te Assault)

Operation New Eclipse
Galactic Republic [48] Space Combat: Impossible Sector (Hard version of Hydian Way Blockade)

Empire missions[]

Operation Silent Roar
Sith Empire [15] Space Combat: Jabiim Escort

Operation Echo Quake
Sith Empire [15] Space Combat: Cartel Listening Station
Sith Empire [15] Space Combat: Saleucami Fleet Action

Operation Eternal Domain
Sith Empire [20] Space Combat: Nez Peron Sweep
Sith Empire [20] Space Combat: Sarapin Assault

Operation Molten Splinter
Sith Empire [28] Space Combat: Taspan Ambush
Sith Empire [28] Space Combat: Ezran Outpost (Hard version of Cartel Listening Station)

Operation Rising Fury
Sith Empire [34] Space Combat: Skaross Fortification
Sith Empire [34] Space Combat: Mugaar Ice Field (Hard version of Saleucami Fleet Action)

Operation Sweeping Menace
Sith Empire [40] Space Combat: Polith Minefield
Sith Empire [40] Space Combat: Sullust Interception (Hard version of Nez Peron Sweep)

Operation Raging Dawn
Sith Empire [44] Space Combat: Aeten Defense (Hard version of Skaross Fortification)
Sith Empire [44] Space Combat: Clouds of Vondoru (Hard version of Sarapin Assault)

Operation Ascendant Pride
Sith Empire [48] Space Combat: Ascendancy Barrier (Hard version of Polith Minefield)

Daily missions[]

Republic daily missions[]

Galactic Republic [20] Operation Midnight Freedom
Galactic Republic [24] Operation Searing Light
Galactic Republic [28] Operation Noble Gambit
Galactic Republic [32] Operation Ardent Wave
Galactic Republic [36] Operation Glory Cyclone
Galactic Republic [40] Operation Sunder Zero
Galactic Republic [44] Operation Grand Nova
Galactic Republic [48] Operation New Eclipse

Empire daily missions[]

Sith Empire [15] Operation Silent Roar
Sith Empire [24] Operation Echo Quake
Sith Empire [28] Operation Eternal Domain
Sith Empire [32] Operation Molten Splinter
Sith Empire [36] Operation Rising Fury
Sith Empire [40] Operation Sweeping Menace
Sith Empire [44] Operation Raging Dawn
Sith Empire [48] Operation Ascendant Pride



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