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{{:Data:items/Specialized Defense D-Shield Generator}}
'''Specialized Defense D-Shield Generator''' is a [[prototype]] [[Medium Armor]] item.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[prototype]] [[Medium Armor]] item.
==External links==
==External links==
[[Category:Shield-slot Medium Armor]]
<noinclude>[[Category:Darth Hater DB Imports]]</noinclude>
[[Category:Shield-slot medium armor]]

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Specialized Defense D-Shield Generator
Binds on pickup
Medium armor (Rating 80)

Durability: 0/0
Total Stats:
   +29 Mastery
   +58 Endurance
   +155 Force Power
   +12 Defense Rating

Requires Level 32
Requires Medium armor

Specialized Defense D-Shield Generator is a prototype Medium Armor item.

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