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Sith Empire Spindrall Sith Empire


EliteLevel 20 Ranged NPC (Elite)

Faction [[Sith Empire]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 7270
Planet [[Korriban]]
Region [[Tomb of Ajunta Pall]]
Location [133, 188]
Instance [[The Sacrificial Chamber]]

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Spindrall is a male human encountered by Sith Inquisitor player characters on the planet Korriban. The man is believed by some to be insane, and by others to be a prophet; Spindrall is a hermit that lives within the Sacrificial Chamber, deep within the tomb of Ajunta Pall.[1]


Lord Zash seeks a new apprentice, and has charged Overseer Harkun with narrowing her options from a selection of chosen candidates. In order to impress the Overseer these initiates must complete the Sith trials, the first of which is to seek the approval of the hermit Spindrall, in the tomb of Ajunta Pall.[1]

Mission objective
Icon class sithinquisitor.png [3] Of Mind and Matter

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