This lore can be found on Ord Mantell. X:738, Y:446

This Lore is obtained during one of the steps in the quest 'Victims of War' while talking to doctor Jaen Kett.


The civil war raging across Ord Mantell affects everyone. The planet’s unstable political situation is a bitterly divisive subject, with separatist sympathizers and government loyalists increasingly polarized about how to end the conflict. Some families have been irreparably torn apart when one child joined the separatist movement and another enlisted in the government-backed military. The separatists remain fanatically committed to their cause, demonstrating no willingness to negotiate or settle matters peacefully. The Ord Mantellian government has summoned the Republic military to bolster the planet’s defenses and put down the rebellion quickly for the good of all. Leaders are pessimistic that the separatists will ever surrender.

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