Republic.png Stage 1 - Insecticide

Level 32 Galactic Republic mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]
Area [[Bugtown]]
Start Kill a colicoid

Mission Chain

Republic.png [32] Food Chain
Republic.png [32] Stage 1 - Insecticide (bonus)
Republic.png [32] Stage 2 - Insecticide (bonus)
Republic.png [32] Stage 3 - Insecticide (bonus)
Republic.png [32] Final Stage - Insecticide (Bonus)

Republic.png [32] Insecticide

Stage 1 - Insecticide is a Galactic Republic level 32 bonus mission for Republic.png [] Food Chain.


Colicoids, a hostile, insect-like species native to Balmorra are threatening to overrun the Republic's beachhead in Bugtown. If their numbers are not thinned, their presence could endanger the Republic's entire operation to retake the planet.

Defeat colicoids in Bugtown.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Stage 1 - Insecticide mission description


  • Defeat Colicoid 0/20
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