Star Saber XC-01 Starfighter
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Star Saber XC-01 starfighter
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Republic Fleet Systems






Heavy blaster cannons


Hyperdrive (Class 2.0)

Escape craft(s)
Maximum speed

1,280 km/h


1 pilot

Notable crew members
Notable passenger(s)
Notable commander(s)
Notable captain(s)
Cost to buy vehicle(s)

145,000 credits (new)-3976 BBY
75,000 credits (used)-3976 BBY

Cost to sell vehicle(s)
Vehicle height
Vehicle length

13 meters

Vehicle width

Galactic Republic



The Star Saber XC-01 starfighter was an experimental fighter produced by the Republic Fleet Systems and tested by the Jedi during the Great Sith War.


Star Saber XC-01 starfighter had a long body with two wings protruding from the narrow hull, and two tail-planes fitted to the tail of the craft above the two engines. The Star Saber was equipped with deflector shields and two heavy blaster cannons that were significant improvements over the other fighter's of that era. A single-seat craft, with only 45 kilograms of cargo capacity, had it's flaws. While the Star Saber was quite fast at sublight speed, the craft was ungainly and not nearly as maneuverable as other fighters of its period.


During the Great Sith War, the Galactic Republic faced a crisis in the form of the Krath, a Sith cult from the Empress Teta system. After taking control of the system by means of a coup, the Krath turned their attention on the larger Galaxy. During their attacks on Republic capital ships, swarms of Krath CX-133 Chaos fighters were willing to sacrifice themselves by crashing into enemy vessels. The Star Saber XC-01 was developed by Republic Fleet Systems to answer the threat posed by such attacks, creating a craft capable of attaining high velocity in seconds, with more advanced weaponry than other fighter's of that era. The answer came in the form of the Star Saber XC-01, hopes were however dashed when the craft's low maneuverability-to-speed ratio and slow control stick reaction quickly gained them a reputation as dangerous and unwieldy.

Despite its obvious design flaw, the Star Saber XC-01 was nonetheless mass-produced by Republic Fleet Systems and saw action with the Republic Navy at war with the Sith under the command of Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun. Although the Chaos fighters used by them were capable of flying circles around Star Sabers, the flaws in the design were never corrected. The Galactic Republic eventually made the Star Saber available for sale in the civilian market in order to recoup losses associated with their development. However, once Republic Fleet Systems developed the Aurek-class tactical strikefighter, the Star Saber was quickly abandoned.

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