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July 15, 2003

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, simply known as Knights of the Old Republic or KotOR, is a roleplaying game made originally for the Microsoft Xbox and PC in 2003, and later released for Mac. The game was developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts in 2003. A sequel, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was released a year later in December 2004 by Obsidian Entertainment.

Set around 4,000 years before A New Hope, Knights of the Old Republic covers the era just after that of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comics, the time of the ancient Old Republic.

KotOR is the first computer RPG set in the Star Wars universe. It uses the d20 System, from the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game rules. The game also allows the player to either be good (light) or evil (dark) using an alignment system that tracks actions, from simple dialogue choices to major plot decisions, aligned to the light or dark side of the Force.

Opening text crawl

Four thousand years before
the rise of the Galactic
Empire, the Republic verges
on collapse. DARTH MALAK,
last surviving apprentice of
the Dark Lord Revan, has
unleashed an invincible
Sith armada upon an
unsuspecting galaxy.

Crushing all resistance,
Malak's war of conquest
has left the Jedi Order
scattered and vulnerable
as countless Knights fall in
battle, and many more
swear allegiance to the new
Sith Master.

In the skies above the Outer
Rim world of Taris, a Jedi
battle fleet engages the
forces of Darth Malak in a
desperate effort to halt the
Sith's galactic domination…


Trapped on Taris

After a brief battle with the Sith above Taris, the former Dark Lord Revan - after being captured by the Jedi Order and having his identity replaced with that of a normal Republic soldier, explorer, or smuggler - found himself one of the lone survivors on the Republic Hammerhead-class capital ship the Endar Spire with decorated soldier and war hero Carth Onasi. After being ambushed by a Sith battle fleet, Trask Ulgo, a Republic soldier, aided Revan's escape from the doomed vessel and left the former Dark Lord to face Darth Bandon, apprentice to Darth Malak and sealed the door behing him, sacrificing his life so that Revan could escape. After finding an escape pod for himself and Carth, he crash-landed on the Sith-occupied world of Taris. Carth was able to drag the injured Revan from the wreckage and found an abandoned apartment in the Upper City. Revan was unconscious for a few days, muttering and thrashing in his sleep.

When Revan awoke, Carth informed him that they would need to find and rescue Bastila Shan, a young Jedi whose escape pod had crash-landed somewhere on the planet, but suspected to be in the Undercity. Bastila was the key to the Republic's war effort against the Sith due to her unusual ability in battle meditation, a Force power that allowed her to strengthen an entire army with confidence and spirit, while discouraging and confusing the enemy, allowing the boosted army a significant advantage in even the most hopeless battle. Carth and Revan set out to find Bastila, proceeding cautiously in the unknown and presumably hostile world.

Revan and Carth eventually learned for certain that the escape pod had landed in the Undercity of Taris - a rough area below the privileged Upper City and the slums of Lower City. To get to the Undercity, they had to find their way though the Lower City, where rival swoop gangs, the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkars, were engaged in a fierce gang war. This gang war, plus the search for any survivors of the Endar Spire prompted the Sith to impose a security lockdown, forcing Revan to disguise himself as a Sith soldier to gain entry to the area.

In the Lower City, Revan and Carth went to the Hidden Beks' hideout, where they discovered that the Vulkar gang leader, Brejik, had taken Bastila captive and was planning to offer her as a prize for the winner of the upcoming Season Opener, a prestigious swoop race. This information came directly from the leader of the Beks, Gadon Thek. Gadon agreed to sponsor Revan as the Bek rider on the condition that the former Dark Lord retrieve a prototype swoop-bike accelerator that was been stolen from the Beks by the Vulkars. In order to gain entrance to the Vulkar Base, Gadon told him to recruit a young Twi'lek girl, named Mission Vao, and her Wookiee friend Zaalbar, who could be found in the Undercity of Taris, the lowest level of the city where criminals and refugees were exiled.

Ironically, Mission needed their help, as they learned when she ran into Revan and Carth. She and Zaalbar had been attacked by Gamorrean slavers while exploring the sewers and Zaalbar had been captured. Mission agreed to help them infiltrate the Vulkar Base in exchange for their help in locating and rescuing Zaalbar. Eventually they managed to rescue Zaalbar from the Gamorrean slavers, killing the chieftain in the process. When Zaalbar was freed, he swore a Wookiee life debt to Revan.

Mission then led Revan into the Vulkar Base through a back entrance in the sewers, where they managed to retrieve the prototype accelerator. This they then returned to Gadon and the Beks, who then allowed Revan to race, even giving him their accelerator. At the swoop race the next day, Revan managed to win the race, but Brejik broke the deal at the last moment, claiming Revan had cheated by using the prototype accelerator. A fight ensued, and Revan was only saved when Bastila Shan broke out of her cage and assisted him in killing Brejik and his Vulkar thugs, using a dropped Vibro-double blade.

After rescuing Bastila, the party began looking for a way to get off Taris and through the Sith blockade when a messenger came to their apartment, telling them that a Mandalorian mercenary by the name of Canderous Ordo wanted to speak with Revan at the cantina. When they arrived, Canderous proposed that they steal the Ebon Hawk, a light freighter belonging to his employer, Davik Kang, who worked for the Exchange. The twist was that they would need the security passcodes to get through the Sith blockade, but the only place to get those codes was from the Sith military base itself. To gain entry into the base, Revan had to purchase T3-M4, an astromech droid custom built to provide adequate slicing skills to gain entrance into the base.

The destruction of Taris.

After purchasing T3-M4, the party killed the Sith Governor in charge of the base and stole the passcodes. After receiving these codes, Canderous took Revan and one of his companions to Davik's base. When they got there, Canderous told Davik that Revan was a potential candidate for hire by the Exchange. After getting inside, the three opened the hangar doors and proceeded to steal the Ebon Hawk. At the same time, Darth Malak, the Dark Lord of the Sith, who was leading the Sith after betraying Revan, ordered Saul Karath, Admiral of the Sith Fleet, to bombard Taris in order to prevent Bastila from escaping. As Revan and his companions were getting to the Ebon Hawk, they were confronted by Kang and the galaxy-wide famous bounty hunter Calo Nord in the hangar. The resulting fight led to the death of Davik and the apparent death of Calo Nord, who had been buried underneath rubble caused by a near strike as the Sith bombarded. Gathering all of his companions, Revan took the Ebon Hawk and escaped the Sith onslaught.

Dantooine refuge

The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

After the escape, Bastila recognized that Revan was still exceptionally strong with the Force and took him back to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to see if the Jedi Masters would train him as a Jedi. They did accept, and he finished his training after battling with Juhani; a young Jedi apprentice who had been influenced to the Dark side of the Force. After easily defeating her, he succeeded in bringing her back to the light side, persuading her that she would be accepted again at the academy. After this final test, Revan passed the trials and became a full-fledged Padawan. On request of the Council, he explored Dantooine and found a temple built by the Infinite Empire. After entering, he learned that the ruins were where his former dark self (as yet unknown to him) and Malak had been influenced to turn to the dark side. Also within the temple was a droid, programmed to require that any who seeked knowledge of the Star Forge to pass two tests before proceeding. The droid could provide no information about this "Star Forge" upon questioning, however. Revan completed these tasks and was granted access into the room containing an incomplete Star Map, which when completed would

The first Star Map, located on Dantooine.

lead him to the Rakatan Star Forge, where Malak was building his immense Sith fleet. The Council charged Revan with the important task of finding the Forge, mainly because his former self had already completed the trials and discovered the location of the Star Forge. He was to be accompanied by Bastila, his companions, and Juhani.

Unknown to them, Calo Nord had survived the heavy bombardment of Taris and, upon questioning, provided "interesting" information on Bastila and her companions. After hearing this information, the Dark Lord agreed to hire Calo Nord to bring Bastila before him.

Second Star Map: Tatooine

The Ebon Hawk landing on Tatooine.

Revan and his companions journeyed to Tatooine, landing at the Czerka Corporation-controlled mining city of Anchorhead. Revan was given a job by the head of the Czerka mining company there to eliminate the Tusken Raiders that were plaguing the miners and the other hunters in the area. This allowed Revan and his companions to leave the city. However, after leaving the Czerka office, a Duros told Revan there may be a peaceful solution to the matter.

With the help of HK-47, an assasin/translation droid bought by the town's droid shop owner Yuka Laka, Revan was able to communicate with a nearby tribe of Sand People at their enclave and negotiate a compromize in which the attacks on Czerka Corporation would be significantly lessened by giving the chieftain two moisture vaporators. The chieftain then presented Revan with his gaffi stick as a sign of good faith, and a map of the Eastern Dune Sea. The gaffi stick allowed Czerka to be pacified while still allowing the Tuskens to continue in the ways of the desert. Revan then went to Eastern Dune Sea and the krayt dragon's cave marked on it, assisting Komad Fortuna in killing it. He was then able to enter the cave and acquired the Star Map. (If Revan had encountered Bastila's mother, Helena, Revan could also retrieve her husband's holocron.) When they left the cave they were confronted by Calo Nord, who was intent on killing them despite Malak's orders to the contrary. Revan and his team easily slaughtered Calo and his companions, escaping the net cast around them by the Dark Lord.

Third Star Map: Kashyyyk

Revan then traveled to Kashyyyk and found the planet was under the control of Czerka Corporation. Under a light questioning, Revan found out of Czerka's dealings with slavers who were capturing Wookiees to sell as slaves. The former Dark Lord went to the village of Rwookrrorro, Zaalbar's home village, hoping to find the Star Map. Because he brought the mad-claw Zaalbar back to the planet, he was brought to the chieftain. The chieftain, Chuundar, who happened to be Zaalbar's brother, was in charge of the dealing with slavers and refused to release Zaalbar, despite Revan's pleading. He then instructed Revan to go to the Lower Shadowlands to kill a mad Wookiee, who was actually Freyyr, Zaalbar and Chuundar's father. Revan, having no choice but to do as the Chieftain requested, and travelled to the Shadowlands.

Revan and his party desendig to the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk.

In the Shadowlands, he met an old hermit named Jolee Bindo, who told him he would help him access the Lower Shadowlands and lead him to the Star Map if Revan did a favor for him. The favor included Revan and his companions getting rid of a Czerka camp to the northeast of Jolee's home, preferably in a non-violent way. Revan finished the job, and Jolee lowered the shield placed as a barrier to the Lower Shadowlands by Czerka to let him through to his destination. While down there they found Freyyr, who had been driven slightly mad by isolation, and fought. However, Revan spared him and he told Revan of his plan to get Bacca's Blade, the symbol of a true chieftain, and fight Chuundar for the title of chieftain. Freyyr's momentary bought of madness passed, and the old Wookiee agreed to help them. He said that the blade of the sword was lost in a ritual fight long ago, and the only way to retrieve it was to kill the ritual beast. So Revan went and defeated the beast, retrieving the blade and giving it to Freyyr, who climbed up the trees to Rwookrrorro, telling Revan to meet him there. While still in the Shadowlands, Revan found an old computer. He was posed a series of questions, with answers inspired by the Dark Side of the Force. If his answers were deemed wrong by the computer, it sent out defense droids. Either by answering correctly, or successfully defeating the defense droids, the computer determined that the identity was the same as the Revan who had accessed the systems before and it allowed Revan to see the Star Map.

Upon their return, they had to kill the Wookiee in charge of the basket, Gorwooken, and used the basket to return to the higher levels, where he was led to the village. When he arrived at the Chieftain's Hut, he convinced Zaalbar to tell his relatives that they could settle it peacefully, but Chuundar would hear none of it. He attacked with his Czerka Guards and loyal Wookiee bodyguards, but all of them were killed. Freyyr then gave Zaalbar Bacca's Ceremonial Blade, and told them that there was a lot of work ahead of them. As Revan returned to his ship, he helped the Wookiees fight off the last of the Czerka on the planet, and they told him he would be the last outsider to visit the planet for a long time.

After hearing the news of Calo Nord's death, Malak sent his apprentice, Darth Bandon, to take place as leader of the search for Bastila.

Fourth Star Map: Manaan

Ahto City on Manaan.

Following their visit to Kashyyyk, the crew of the Ebon Hawk traveled to the oceanic world of Manaan, landing in the docking bay of Ahto City. Revan asked a Republic soldier upon arrival if he knew about a Star Map. The soldier did not know what Revan was talking about, and told him to visit the Republic Embassy located on the planet. At the embassy, he met Roland Wann, the Republic's ambassador on Manaan. Roland told Revan that he would help him find the Star Map he was looking for if Revan helped him first. He told Revan to enter the Sith Embassy on Manaan with the mission of finding a probe droid the Republic had sent into Hrakert Rift some time before Revan's arrival. The droid was damaged while underwater, but enough of it's systems remained online to activate the emergency ascension. The Sith caught it re-emerging, and took it to their embassy, effectively out of the reach of the Republic. Revan agreed to find it for Wann, and bring back the data module inside it. On his way to the embassy, he met Shaelas, a concerned Selkath who asked Revan to try to find some missing Selkath youth, including Shaelas' daughter. Revan agreed, and questioned those in the bar about the situation. Upon questioning an Iridorian mercenary, Revan discovered the mercenary tricked the Selkath into going to the Sith Embassy. Also in the bar, Revan met a Selkath who asked him to investigate why the Republic was hiring so many mercenaries. Revan agreed to investigate, but decided to first complete the Republic's request.

He entered the Sith Embassy via one of three entrances, slicing a passcard, interrogating a prisoner for a code, or fighting his way to a transport, and fought his way through the base. Eventually, he found the scavenged droid, and removed the data module for Wann. While he was in there, he fought several Dark Jedi, and freed the Selkath youth under Shasa through an expert use of persuasion and the help of a token given to him by a dying Selkath youth. He then left the base, only to be confronted by Selkath authorities, who had heard reports that shots had been fired from within the embassy through the use of secret cameras inside the embassy, and was taken to court. He was offered an arbiter to represent him, but refused, insisting on representing himself. He showed the court the token he received from the dying Selkath youth, and also showed them a datapad he retrieved from a Sith Master within the embassy. After close examination, the court agreed that the Sith were trying to corrupt their youth, the court freed Revan. The Sith were punished for their involvement. Once he was freed, he returned to the Republic embassy.

Once he returned with the data module, Roland informed him of the reason the droid had been sent the rift: to investigate the mysterious loss of communication with a semi-legal Kolto harvesting plant created by the Republic with the help of a select few inside the Selkath government. Wann told Revan that the reason the Republic was hiring as many mercenaries as they could was really to send them to investigate what had happened at the Rift station, but none had ever returned. The embassy had lost contact with the facility shortly after uncovering an ancient artifact, thought to be the Star Map Revan was looking for. Roland provided Revan a submersible, then sent him to the facility to investigate the disappearance.

The giant Firaxan on Manaan.

Upon his arrival, Revan met a mercenary who had been scared into cowardice by the happenings in the station. The mercenary explained that after the artifact was dug up, the Selkath went insane and started killing everyone and feasting on their flesh. Revan kept this knowledge in his mind and fought his way through the facility, obtaining an envirosuit and a sonic emitter in the process, which could be used to travel in safety outside the facility. He was forced to leave his party as he searched the ocean floor, since there was only one envirosuit available. Outside he met another mercenary, who had retreated there to escape the carnage inside. This mercenary led him outside the facility before being devoured by a Firaxan shark.

Revan continued to the second part of the facility, meeting the head scientist, Kono Nolan and his associate, Sami, who panicked when they saw him and tried to kill him. These two were the only scientists left alive in the facility, and scared out of their wits. After appologizing for their rash actions, they told Revan about a Giant Firaxan, a massive Firaxan shark that seemed to drive all the Selkath insane and cause them to attack the scientists. Kono had worked on a poison which could kill the Progenitor, but it was as yet inadequately tested and Sami believed that injecting the poison into vents that would feed it to the Firaxan would pollute the waters of Manaan in ways that might never be corrected, and even pollute the kolto itself. Instead, Sami offered an alternative: to compress the gas in the chamber of the kolto harvester to 4,000 sangens, at which the gas was exceptionally volatile. This would destroy the machine and hopefully pacify the Firaxan. Following Sami's advice, Revan destroyed the kolto harvesting machine and the Firaxan immediately calmed down, allowing Revan to approach the Star Map on the other side of the bridge across the rift which had previously been guarded by the Firaxan.

When Revan reunited with his companions at the entrance of the base, they met Darth Bandon, Malak's Apprentice who killed Trask Ulgo aboard the Endar Spire. Accompanying Bandon were two Dark Jedi. After Bandon expressed his happiness that he could still "have the pleasure" of killing Revan, they engaged in a vicious lightsaber duel. Revan emerged victorious, returning to the Republic embassy and informing Roland of what had happened. As he was leaving the Embassy, he was once again arrested by the Selkath authorities and put on trial for his actions at the Kolto facility. Revan informed them of the giant Firaxan, and how he had destroyed the harvester to save it. Upon hearing this, the Selkath freed Revan, believing the Firaxan to be their legendary Progneitor, their ancient ancestor and possibly the mother of all life on Manaan.

Startling revelation

The Leviathan.

After leaving Manaan, Revan's party was caught in a tractor beam of the Leviathan, Admiral Saul Karath's ship. Karath was Carth's old mentor who had betrayed the Republic soldier and caused a large amount of bitterness and mistrust in the soldier. While being pulled in by the tractor beam, Revan, Carth, and Bastila discussed how to escape, and Revan picked a member of his party to save them from capture; the one he felt the most qualified to do the job. After informing their choice of what he was charged with, the Sith captured all of them. Revan, Bastila, and Carth were all put in cages and were interrogated by Saul Karath himself. Bastila refused to submit to Karath's questions, so he questioned Revan instead. Every question the former Dark Lord answered incorrectly, Bastila would be tortured. Revan begged Saul not to hurt her, but Bastila convinced Revan that "her pain was meaningless," and told him to tell Saul nothing. After Saul left, Carth told Revan that it was all just a sham, Saul already knew the answers to the questions, and hopefully the chosen party member could save them.

The selected party member was able to infiltrate the Leviathan, getting some basic riot equipment in the process. In the prison block, the escapee found a Rodian who would help if the party member freed him. The party member agreed and got the ice breaker from the Rodian, who left shortly thereafter. The party member used the ice breaker to open the detention area containing Revan and the others along with the armory where they could collect all of their weapons and equipment confiscated from them. After the party was freed from the detention area, Canderous volunteered to take the group to the Ebon Hawk and get it ready to launch while Revan, Bastila, and Carth moved to the bridge to disable the shields and tractor beams at the hangar bay and open the bay doors.

One of the many skirmishes aboard the Leviathan.

After getting to the bridge by walking through the repair access on the outside of the ship with space suits, Revan, Carth, and Bastila confronted Admiral Karath and several of his men on the bridge. Admiral Karath revealed that the Dark Lord was coming, and Bastila was able to confirm this claim as well. A short battle followed, ending with the death of Saul's men and Saul himself mortally wounded. Karath told Carth that he wanted him to know something before he died. Carth approached and Karath whispered into Carth's ear, then died. Carth confronted Bastila about what was whispered by Saul, and the Jedi said she would explain everything onboard the Ebon Hawk, but there was no time, as Malak was arriving. He agreed and they retreated to the hangar bays, hoping to get there before Malak arrived.

Unfortunately as they were about to reach the hangar they were iintercepted by Malak, who told Revan something that the former Dark Lord had not discovered for himself yet: his true identity as the former Dark Lord of the Sith, and as such, Malak's former master. Bastila confirmed this claim, and as the trio were about to fight Malak, he froze Carth and Bastila using Force Stasis, leaving Revan to fight the Dark Lord himself, Master versus Apprentice, as was the way of the Sith. Revan nearly defeated the Dark Lord, causing Malak to use Force Whirlwind on Revan so that he could retreat through a series of blast doors and lock himself in to heal himself. When Revan confronted him again, he was fully recovered. After falling again under Revan's attack, he used Force Stasis on attack Revan, freezing him so that the Sith could finish the job he had started when Revan was captured. By this time the Force Stasis had worn off and Bastila charged in, telling Carth and Revan to find the Star Forge, and disappeared behind the blast door, which locked after closing. Knowing that there was nothing else that they could do, Revan and Carth ran to the Ebon Hawk, and after a skirmish with Sith fighters launched from the Leviathon, the group learned the truth about Revan, and HK-47 reacquired the functionality of his memory core, which was programmed to activate when he was returned his original master, which had been Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Fifth Star Map: Korriban

The party finally arrived on Korriban, a Sith world and location of the fifth and last Star Map. The docking area was dominated by students from the Sith Academy and Czerka officers. The students, who were training to become Sith, were encouraged to commit acts of cruelty and brutality against whoever they could find. The most frequent victims of these acts were the civilian population of Dreshdae, where the docking bay was located.

The Valley of the Dark Lords.

Revan quickly discovered that the Star Map was accessible only by gaining acceptance to the academy, which meant becoming a student. Admittance required gaining the notice of the recruiting office of the Academy either by acquiring a Sith medallion or impressing the second-in-command of the Academy. Successfully completing the training required distinguishing oneself by means of strength, cunning, or ingenuity. An element of danger was added by the fact that only one graduate was allowed to move on. Each new term vicious and often fatal competition was encouraged, often resulting in the death of all the hopefuls but the one accepted into the Academy.

Revan would have help in this regard when he came to the attention of Yuthura Ban, second-in-command at the Academy. She quickly noticed the vast Force potential of her newest recruit although she did not realize that she was dealing with the deposed Darth Revan. She entangled Revan in a web of conspiracy whose ultimate goal was to engineer the assassination of Uthar Wynn, the head of the Sith Academy and Yuthura's master so that she could take over leadership of the Academy.

Students of the academy proved their worth by performing various tasks, known as gaining prestige. Some of the challenges were martial in nature while others were mental, but all required a certain commitment to the Sith ideals embodied by the Code of the Sith which Revan was required to learn and recite in order to take an early lead over his fellow students. The Code of the Sith, a brutal parody of the Code of the Jedi, was a harsh insight for Revan as much of its philosophy was based on the ideals and motives he himself had set in motion as the Dark Lord.

Once again the personal lives and agenda of Revan's companions would influence the course of his mission. While at the Academy he encountered Dustil Onasi, the now teenage son of Carth who had been though killed years before. The boy had escaped the destruction of Telos but was far from pleased to be reunited with his father, blaming him for the death of Carth's wife and Dustil's mother. Dustil was in training for military service in the Sith army and was discovered to have some degree of Force-sensitivity, so he was taken to the Academy for training. Revan was obligated to provide proof of the Sith threat to the skeptical boy which he did by sneaking into Uthar Wynn's bedchamber and stealing a datapad implicating Uthar in the execution of a close friend of Dustil's. This piece of irrefutable proof turned Dustil's high opinion of the Sith around completely, and the boy made things right with his father and left the Sith for good.

Other tasks performed by Revan included tracking down a group of fleeing students who Uthar Wynn demanded killed for disobedience and helping them escape by killing a terentatek, the elimination of the former headmaster of the academy Jorak Uln, the disabling of a rogue droid's assassination program, and exploring and raiding the tomb of the Sith Lord Ajunta Pall. This last task was complicated by the fact that the Sith Lord himself had survived the many centuries since his death as an embittered Force ghost. Ajunta Pall demanded that Revan locate his infamous blade, taking it with him when he left the tomb. Revan retrieved the blade as well as two more besides. Revan then persuaded the dark specter that he might at last find peace if he was willing to seek redemption. Reports conflict as to what happened to the blades after Revan left the tomb but some reports indicate that Revan, in a cunning maneuver, gave a false blade to a fellow student named Shaardan, who was then killed by Uthar Wynn when he attempted to pass the forgery off as the original blade.

The fifth and final Star Map on Korriban

Between Revan's actions and Yuthura's plotting, Revan eventually won the contest of prestige, gaining access to the Tomb of Naga Sadow and the Star Map contained therein as a part of the final test. While reports differ on how the final confrontation with Uthar and the redemption of Yuthura resolved itself, it is clear that after Revan departed the academy there was a fierce civil war for of the Academy. It was so fierce that when the Jedi Exile would arrive on Korriban a mere five years later she would find the academy lifeless and in ruins.

Crash-landing on an unknown world

Armed with the location of the Star Forge, Revan and the remaining crew of the Ebon Hawk arrived at the coordinates shown on the Star Map. They waited at the edge of the sensor field of the Sith as they sent a message to the Republic fleet, and were discovered by Sith fighters. The fighters were destroyed but forced them to fly into a power disruption field which force them to crash on the only planet in the sytem, the source of the disruption.

The Ebon Hawk on Lehon, the unknown world.

After landing, they discovered that the planet was a graveyard of crashed ships, many of which had been stripped and looted by other survivors of ships affected by the power disruption field. The damage to the Ebon Hawk required that Revan find repair parts as well as the source of the disruptor field; not only would the field prevent the Ebon Hawk's crew from escaping the planet, it also would effectively cripple the Republic fleet on its way, causing most if not all of the ships to crash on the planet. After leaving the ship, Revan and his companions found that the world was inhabited by the native Rakata.

After fighting through Rakatan warriors and contacting the tribes on the planet, Revan and his companions discovered that the source of the distruption field was a temple guarded by a Rakatan priest caste who remembered encountering the Dark Lord some years ago. Darth Revan and Darth Malak had come seeking the Star Forge but crashed due to the disruptor field. They had used their Force skills and deception to subdue the populace, persuading the natives to grant Revan information about and access to the Star Forge, convincing them that he was trying to destroy it. Once he had taken control of the ancient Rakatan factory, Revan began the path of conquest and the chain of events that had eventually led to his downfall and ultimate redemption. Calling on the aid of the natives he had apparently abused his first visit to the planet, Revan gained access to the temple and entered with Juhani and Jolee. Revan found his way to the disruptor field controls, located on the roof of the temple, only to be confronted by Bastila, who had fallen to the dark side and become Malak's apprentice. She had sworn herself to service to Darth Malak and the Sith, Malak having preyed on her arrogance and pride to convince her that the Jedi were using and holding her back and that the dark side was the tool to be used to set her free.

In a tense confrontation Revan found himself forced to defend the way of the Jedi from the very person who had been most responsible for his redemption. Bastila, at first hostile, tried to seduce him back to the dark side, even going so far as to pledge her loyalty to him and promising him that she would use her battle meditation in his service, betraying Malak, and be his Apprentice, if he would retake his place as the Dark Lord of the Sith. Despite her temptations, Revan rejected her offer. Bastila fled, swearing that their next encounter aboard the Star Forge would be their last.

Lehon from orbit.

After shutting down the disruption field and escaping the temple, Revan rejoined his companions and they left the planet. The Republic fleet arrived and Revan and crew joined the Republic assault on the Star Forge, knowing that the fate of the galaxy rested on their victory. However, for Revan, the battle would be a personal conflict, since saving the galaxy might mean taking the lives of at least two close friends now turned to evil; Malak and Bastila.

Star Forge

The crew of the Ebon Hawk joined in the Battle of Rakata Prime, the Republic assault on the Star Forge led by Admiral Forn Dodonna and Master Vandar, both of whom were mystified by the sheer size and efficiency of the Sith fleet. It seemed that every time that the command of the fleet came up with a new strategy, the Sith fleet was there to counter it. The two commanders were horrified to learn from Carth Onasi that the reason for the Sith fleet's ability was Bastila's defection to the Sith and her use of her battle meditation against the Republic.

The Battle for Rakata Prime

To counter the threat presented by Bastila, the Republic commanders came up with a desperate plan. The Ebon Hawk led a small strike force of Jedi through the static defenses of the Star Forge, intent on capturing or killing Bastila and Malak. Only a handful of ships actually survived the run to land safely on the Star Forge's flight deck where the Jedi were hemmed in by Dark Jedi, backed by the station's battle droids. Eventually Revan and two of his companions found themselves alone against the bulk of Darth Malak's entire fighting force aboard the Star Forge, including advanced Star Forge attack droids. Revan and his companions battled wave after wave of Assault troops and Dark Jedi, some of them wielding Force powers and combat abilities at the highest levels of proficiency. These troops were augumented by the Star Forge itself, which was capable of producing frighteningly efficient combat droids.

Eventually, Revan was separated from his companions and left to confront Bastila alone. Bastila drew on all her skills and the dark power of the Star Forge, but she was still unable to defeat Revan, who wielded the power of the light. Revan decided on a risky tactic. He allowed himself to become open to Bastila's attack, counting on the remnants of their bond of love and the light side in her. His gambit worked and Bastila did not strike him down, but lowered her defenses and finally admitted not only her intense doubts that had provided Malak with a hold on her, but also her love for Revan. Bastila promised to use her battle meditation for the Republic Fleet while Revan continued the rest of his mission. Revan agreed and left her to confront his old friend and apprentice, now Dark Lord of the Sith - Malak.

The Jedi attack party

Malak tried once more to delay Revan by unleashing yet more battle droids upon him, but Revan proved quite resilient, reprogramming the production machines even as he battled wave after wave of droids, stopping the machines and allowing him access to the factory floor where Malak awaited him.

After a brief skirmish with the Dark Lord, Revan discovered a horrifying fact: Malak had used the technology of the Star Forge and the bodies of Jedi he had captured during the sudden and brutal attack on Dantooine to create an unholy marriage of sorts. By keeping the bodies in stasis, the Dark Lord could draw on their life force to empower himself, maintaining his life and power at maximum levels. His hope was to use this stolen power to defeat Revan and then to use Revan's matchless potential in the same way, to defeat the Republic and any enemies he might ever come across.

Revan and Malak commenced to battle. Each time Revan seemed to be defeating Malak, he would flee the battle and reenergize himself from the stasis pods around the room. Revan quickly destroyed the remaining pods, freeing the spirits of the Jedi within, allowing them to become one with the Force and denying Malak their life force that would regenerate him. Eventually, Malak was forced to rely on his own dark power alone, unaugumented by the power the Star Forge had offered him. Revan displayed a grim determination that would be spoken of in reverence years later by Brianna, who would wax poetic about the battle and her frustrated desire to have been a witness to the events that transpired that day. After a long and hard-fought battle, Revan finally succeeded in defeating Malak, and as his one-time friend perished Revan expressed remorse over the part he played in Malak's corruption and fall into darkness. Malak admited at the end that he alone had chosen to continue down the path of darkness, and it was no fault of Revan's.

Revan flew from the Star Forge, along with the rest of his companions, barely escaping the final destruction of the Forge at the hands of the battle meditation-strengthened Republic Fleet. The entire group was awarded the highest citations of bravery in the Republic, and Revan himself was welcomed back into the Jedi Order.


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