This is the tutorial for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Endar Spire

You start out as a crew member aboard the ship, the Endar Spire, a capital ship that is carrying the famous Jedi, Bastila Shan. Trask Ulgo awakes you and tells you and says that the ship is being invaded. Trask helps you by sacraficing himself to let the player continue. You then encounter Carth Onasi, a decorated war hero. Together, you make it off the vessel in an escape pod, and land on the planet Taris. The pod crashes, sending you into unconciousness. The first thing you see is a dream of Bastila fighting an unknown Dark Jedi. Carth then awakes you and the two of you begin to explore the city.


Taris is the first level on Knights of the Old Republic. You start out in an abandoned apartment with the weapons you collected from the Endar Spire and Carth. The apartment has a workbench where you can upgrade special items, such as the Prototype Vibroblade or Carth's Blaster, both of which are available to find on the Endar Spire.

Main Objective

Your overall objective is to rescue Bastila and escape from Taris. To do so you must make your way to the Undercity, a sunless place where several Republic escape pods crashed down. To get there you must first find a way to get to the lower city. The only way to get down there is an elevator that is guarded by a Sith Trooper who will not let you through without proper authorization. To get the proper authorization the player must get a Sith uniform from one of two places. One is in an apartment room where a group of Sith are picking on an alien. When the player kills the Sith, the player can get them from their corpses. The player can also get them from a party that the player can attend if he/she talks to an off-duty Sith in the Cantina.

Once you get down you must find a way to the Undercity, which incidentally, requires you to promise participation in a swoop race. However, the prototype swoop engine accelerator that would guarantee your success has been stolen by the Black Vulkar swoop gang, and you need to steal it back. You are instructed by the leader of the Hidden Bek swoop gang, the designers of the accelerator to talk to Mission Vao, a fourteen-year-old female Twi'lek about how to break into the base.

Once you pass through the gate of the Outcast village in the Undercity and leave the immediate area, Mission approaches you and requests assistance in finding her Wookiee friend, Zaalbar. When you accept, she will join your party and you must search the sewers for Zaalbar before she will get you into the Vulkar base.

When you find Zaalbar, he swears a life debt to you and he and Mission permanently join your party. However, you can only have three members (including yourself) in your party, so you must choose between Carth and Zaalbar (Mission needs to be with you because she has the access codes to get you into the Vulkar base).

The player will come across a Rancor, the player must then send mission (unless the player has a lot of stealth ability) to sneak past the rancor. After she gets there, she must throw a numerous amount of grenades at the Rancor to kill it.

You will need to sneak into the base and steal the accelerator and return it to the Bek leader. He will then take you to the swoop race which you need to win in order to rescue Bastila, who was put up as the prize for the race by the leader of the Vulkars.

Once you rescue her, you still need to find a way off the planet. The Mandalorian Canderous Ordo will request an audience with you in the Lower City Cantina, where he will ask you to break into the Sith base and steal the Sith launch codes that will allow you to take off. In the base you will need to kill the governor of Taris, a Sith who wields a double-bladed vibrosword. He will drop the launch codes when he dies, which you will take to Canderous, who in turn takes you to Davik's base.

Canderous' plan is to steal the Ebon Hawk, Davik's personal ship. You will need to bypass the security systems in the hangar and in the Ebon Hawk to steal the ship. Before you can board the ship, you must fight Davik and a bounty hunter. After you leave Taris, you must fight several Sith fighters as the rest of your party works on the hyperspace coordinates.

You find out that Davik stowed a swoop bike in the cargo hold of his ship, which can be used on several planets as an alternate source of credits.

Other quests

There are several smaller quests available for the player to do while finding Bastila.

Bounty hunting

In the Lower City Cantina, you will meet Zax the Hutt who organizes the bounties on the planet. There are two government contracts for an Svelven, an assassin and for a Mandalorian Death Match Duelist named Bendak Starkiller, as well as several other bounties put up by Davik for people the crimelord wants dead.


In the Upper City Cantina there is also a Hutt that organizes non-lethal duels. There are several duelists you can face, each one harder than the last, and each duel gives you more money than the last. The duelists sometimes fight with blasters and sometimes with vibroweapons. The duels are non-lethal, so you cannot die, although if you lose you lose nearly all of your health. When you start a new duel, your health is regenerated.

Rakghoul serum

A terrible disease plagues the Undercity. It is called the Rakgoul disease, and if a being spends too much time exposed to the disease, it turns them into a Rakghoul, a mindless monster that attacks anything near. If you talk to the medic who runs the small shop in the Upper City, he will tell you about the disease, and how the Republic scientists were close to finding a cure before the planet was blockaded by the Sith, who landed and took the serum. If you can bring the serum to the medic, he will be very grateful and be able to mass-produce it so that the poor can afford it. However, you also have the option of bringing it to the Lower City Cantina, where Davik's goons will pay 1,000 credits for the serum. The only difference in events is that you gain light side points if you give it to the medic and dark side points if you give it to Davik.


Once you are able to escape Taris on the Ebon Hawk, you will then land on the world of Dantooine, being instructed by Bastila. She realizes that you are very stong in the Force, and takes you to the Jedi Enclave to seek guidance from the council. They then accept you to be trained by Zhar Lestin, a Jedi Master on the council, in which he soon trains you in the ways of the Force.


File:Jedi Enclave.jpg

There are three stages of training. The first is the test of your knowledge of the Jedi Code:
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is the Force.

You will need to know the code well enough to quote the second part after Zhar says the first part. The Code can also be recited in the game by one of the Masters of the Council.

Your second test is to build a lightsaber. You will go to Master Dorak, who will test you to see what path you should follow in your training: the Blue lightsaber of a Jedi Guardian, the Green lightsaber of a Jedi Consular, or the Yellow lightsaber of the Jedi Sentinel. Your choice of color affects what Force powers you start with and which ones advance automatically.

For your final test, the council decides to put you in charge of a mission to end your training; travel to a grove that has been tainted by the Dark Side and cleanse it.

Main Objectives

When you finally arrive, you see Juhani in the ruins. You approach her, then the two of you battle for some time, until she has lost about three-quarters of her health. Then she will stop fighting and you can either choose to turn her back from the dark side if you have a good enough Persuade skill or you can attack her again. Whatever you choose, after you complete that task you will need to travel back to the Enclave and talk to Zhar, who will send you and Bastilla on another quest. You will need to explore Dantooine and find a temple built by the Infinite Empire— there you learn that this was what had influenced Revan and Malak to the dark side. You find an incomplete Star Map there, which when completed would lead him to the Rakatan Star Forge, where you think that Malak was building his unlimited supply of ships. The Council charges you with the mission to find the Forge, accompanied by Bastila, his companions, and Juhani.

Other quests

The Matale and the Sandrals

While exploring Dantooine, you encounter farm lands which are owned by Ahlan Matale. At first, you are not allowed to talk to him. But while back at the Enclave, an angry Alahn encounters the council, mad that his son, Shen, was kidnapped by his rival, Nurik Sandral. The Jedi are skeptical that Nurik kidnapped him, but decide to let you investigate the matter, by talking to Nurik. You now leave the Enclave, and walk to the Sandral grounds. Nurik does not welcome you, but instead, his daughter, Rahasia, tells you that her father is keeping Shen imprisoned, and that she is in love with him. She gives you a passcard to enter through the back, and sneak Shen out of the grounds. You are able to sneak into the back, and enter. You are forced to destroy a few droids, but you are finally able to to find Shen. Shen decides he will not leave, unless Rahasia leaves with him. He stays, while you have to go request Rahasia to leave with Shen. She agrees, while you walk back and retrieve the man. You escape out of the back of the building, but are greeted by Nurik Sandral. He refuses to let his daughter leave. Meanwhile, Ahlan walks up and engages into a fight with Nurik. It is then revealed that Nurik had kidnapped Shen, because he had believed his own son, Casus, had been kidnapped by Alahn. However, Ahlan did not kidnapp the son, but instead was killed by kath hounds. You are able to talk Shen and Rahasia into leaving their famalies, and be together.

Jon and Ilsa

When first leaving the Enclave to explore, you will encounter a man named Jon. He is a father of a girl named Ilsa, who was was killed by a pack of Mandalorians. He requests for you to kill the people who had taken his daughter's life. In return, he offers a reward of one thousand credits. You do not need to accept the offer, but while you are travelling throughout Dantooine, you encounter the Mandalorians. You are forced to kill them all in self-deffense. When you return, you tell Jon of the events, and he immediately calms down. You do not have to take the credits at first, but he insists. Satisfied, Jon returned to his farm, a broken man.

Note: The following worlds the character visits after Dantooine, are decided upon by the player.


File:Ahto City.jpg

Following the previous events, you travel to the sea-world of Manaan. You land in Ahto City. The entire world is covered by a mass ammount of water, in which is run by the Selkath. They believe they should keep a neutral world, with both the Republic and the Sith benefiting from their resources. It is illegal to fight the Sith on this world. When you land, you are greeted by a Republic Officer who instructs you to meet with Roland Wann at the Republic Embassy. Wann tells you that he will help you find the Star Map, if you help him first. He tells you to enter the Sith Embassy and find a probe droid that they had sent into Hrakert Rift. The probe droid was damaged while in the rift, but its automatic systems were able to surface it. When it re-emerged, it was captured by the Sith.

Main objective

You enter the Sith Embassy via one of three entrances and fight your way through. Eventually you find the wrecked droid, and take a part of it with you like Wann had requested. Before you leave you will need to find a group of dying Selkath youth, one of whom talks to you when you enter the room, warning you before dying. You will find a token in his hand. Once you escape from the base you encounter Selkath authorities who have heard shots fired inside the base, which is illegal on Manaan. They attribute it to you as they have you entereing the base shortly before the fighting starts and leaving shortly after it ends. You are taken to court and are offered an arbiter, which you can accept or refuse and represent yourself instead. The arbiter is uselesss and to save yourself you will need to get rid of him anyway. After you dismiss your arbiter you are able to provide evidence that the Sith have been keeping Selkath youth for training, and the Sith are punished, while you are released. You arrive back at the Republic Embassy and provide the part you collected at the base to Roland. You learn the droid was sent to investigate a mysterious break in communications with an illegal Kolto harvesting plant that was created by the Republic and some Selkath authorities. He tells you that the reason the Republic was hiring so many mercenaries was really to investigate what happened at the Rift station, but none have returned. He also tells you that they lost contact with the facility after uncovering some ancient artifact, thought to be the Star Map that you are looking for. Roland gives you access to the Republic's submersible, and sends you to the facility to investigate the cause of this disturbance.

Once you reach the facility you will find it strangely deserted and torn apart. In several rooms the only things living are insane Selkath, who will either attack you on sight or attack each other. Eventually you will make it through several rooms and find a diving suit that allows one of your party to leave the base. You will also need to find a sonic cannon that may be used to kill the sharks around the base if they come too close. Outside you will meet a mercenary who gets eaten by one of the sharks and you are left on your own.

There are a few other buildings that can be accessed by walking along the ocean floor that the mercenary tells you about, one of which hosts two surviving scientists that attempt to kill you at first sight via depressurization. You will need to open the force field protecting them and convince them that you are a friend before they repressurize the room you are in. They will tell you of two ways to kill the giant shark that is the apparent cause of this great disturbance and you will have to choose one. The first is to poison the shark, which also pollutes the kolto and gets you banished from the planet upon the pain of death. The second is to sabotage the kolto harvester, which the giant shark was apparently awakened by.

After you poison the shark or destroy the kolto harvester you can cross the bridge to your right and locate the Star Map, then leave back for the surface.

Other quests

There are also other quests you can engage in while searching for the Star Map.

Swoop racing

On Manaan, the race is set up as a three-tiered race system. The first race pays quite low, with the second and third races paying consecutively more. Once the player finishes the third race, however, there is nothing more for them to race. They can talk to the track coordinator for twenty-credit trial runs whenever they want.

The first tier pays 500 credits, enough to cover the costs, but the real money comes in the later tiers. The second tier pays 2,000 credits, and the third tier pays 5,000 credits, as well as giving the winner the title of Manaan Sector Champion.

Acting arbiter

While on Manaan, you could run across an old friend of Jolee Bindo, who has been accused of murder by the Selkath government. The Selkath court appoints the player arbiter and charges them with the task of uncovering the mystery behind it all. This is accomplished by questioning the accused as well as the witnesses from the hotel, and investigating restricted data from the Republic and Sith Embassies.


One of the planets where there is evidence of a Star Map is on Tatooine, which you can travel to whenever. When you land on the planet, you have another Force vision in which you see the Star Map in what appears to be a cave. Bastila has the same vision as you.

Main objective

As always, your main objective is to recover the Star Map on the planet. The map is in the lair of a very large and vicious Krayt Dragon, which you will have to kill in order to retrieve the map.

The lair is in the Eastern Dune Sea, where you will meet a Twi'lek hunter who requires your help to slay the dragon. His plan is to lure the dragon out into the sands, where the hunter has laid mines to kill the dragon. But his plan requires bait, as the hibernation period for the Krayt dragons has just begun. Banthas are the preferred food for Krayt dragons, and therefore a herd of the creatures should be sufficient to lure the dragon out into the sands.

You will need Bantha fodder, the favorite food of Banthas to lure the creatures towards the cave. Beware, however; the Tusken Raiders hold the Bantha as a sacred animal and the Raiders of this area are strong and wild, and will react violently to a threat to their sacred Banthas.

Once you start to lure the Banthas towards the Krayt dragon's cave, several Tuskens will ambush you. Once you kill them you will need to complete the bringing of the Banthas, and the rest will work itself out.

The Krayt dragon will be lured out of hiding by the Banthas, and will kill itself by walking over mine after mine. You should receive a Krayt dragon pearl as a reward for aiding the Twi'lek in the hunt, which can be used as an upgrading crystal for your lightsaber.

Other quests

There are also several other quests available on Tatooine.

Bounty hunting

The Czerka Corporation outpost in Anchorhead is having trouble with Tusken attacks. They will offer you a Hunting License to leave the city if you will agree to rid them of the Tusken threat by brining the company the Gaffi Stick of the Tusken Chieftain. They will pay you seven hundred credits for it, as well as fifty credits for each aditional gaffi stick you bring. The Tusken Chieftain is located in the Sandpeople Enclave, which you will need a disguise to enter into.

Swoop racing

Tatooine is the other swoop track, although it is considerably lower quality track than the Taris track or the Manaan track. The setup of the tracks basically the same as the other tracks, run by Motta the Hutt. The first race pays low, with the second paying slightly higher, and the third race paying 80 racing bonds (sold for 60 credits each, 4,800 credits for the 80 of them). Each race costs 100 credits, and to register your swoop at the track you must pay a 100 credit fee. Each trial run costs 20 credits, and after completing the three tiers, there is no more racing you can do on Tatooine.


Korriban is the home of the Sith Academy and the burial grounds of many Dark Lords of the Sith, including Marka Ragnos, Ajunta Pall, Tulak Hord, and Naga Sadow. Bastila Shan cannot come with you on this level, as she may be recognized by the Sith and cause major problems.

Main Objective

Your main objective is to find the Star Map, as in all the other levels. The vision you receive upon arriving gives you the idea that the map is in a tomb of some kind or another, which it is. In Naga Sadow's tomb, to be exact. However, your most pressing problem is getting into the Valley of the Dark Lords, where the tombs are located. You will need to talk to Yuthura Ban at the cantina, who will take you to Uthar Wynn, who will challenge you and a few other apprentices to a "race" of sorts, to see who will be the one apprentice to join the academy this year.

You are sent out to gain "prestige," and the one with the most prestige will be allowed into the Academy. There are several different ways you can gain prestige.

You will be sent to a small corner of the academy where there is a bed and a footlocker. On your way out of your quarters, Yuthura will stop you and offer you a place by her side if you will aid her in killing Uthar at your final trial. You can either accept her offer, or you can decline, choosing instead to tell Uthar what has transpired.

If you choose not to tell Uthar, things continue as normal with you gaining prestige until you can complete the final test. If you choose to tell him, he will give you a poison to give to a Sith servant who will put it in Yuthura's bathwater, weakening her for the final test, which will be against her. Either way, the main objective of the final test remains the same.

Once you gain enough prestige to be declared the winner of the "race" between you and the other prospective students, Uthar will take you and Yuthura to the tomb of Naga Sadow, where you will be challenged with the task of reaching the chamber of the Star Map of Korriban and collecting a special ceremonial lightsaber and bringing it back to Uthar.

You will need to find a way across a pool of acid to get into the room with the Star Map. The only way is to fight your way past two terentateks and collect either the fire grenade or ice grenade to either freeze or boil the acid. The cold grenade freezes the acid over, allowing you to cross over and collect the lightsaber and Star Map. The fire grenade is speculated by a former Sith apprentice (as recorded on his datapad) to simply boil the acid into a poison gas that will kill you.

On your way back Uthar and Yuthura will be waiting for you on the frozen acid pool. They will confront you, Yuthura with killing Uthar and Uthar with killing Yuthura, a true Sith betrayal. You will choose who to side with: Yuthura or Uthar, or choose to attack them both and deny the dark seed sprouting in you. Uthar is the stronger master, but in that fight it is both you and Yuthura against the Sith. If you kill Uthar, Yuthura attacks you, proving she only used you to gain control of the Academy. When you defeat her, you can choose either to finish her off or let her live. If you let her live, she sees that you could never have been a Sith and leaves you in peace.

After this, you can leave Korriban with the Star Map you came for.

The Sith Code

If you can properly recite the Sith Code for Uthar and answer a question about it, you will gain prestige. The Sith Code is as follows:
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force will set me free.

Ajunta Pall's sword

One of the tombs belongs to Ajunta Pall. This tomb is located at the far end of the valley. When you enter you will encounter several enemies and then an open room with a pillar blocking your objective and several inactive combat droids across from it. You will need to plant a grenade in the pillar (you can do this by walking up to the pillar and selecting "give item" when the container box pops up and giving a frag grenade). The grenade will destroy the pillar and activate the droids, which you can destroy with ranged attacks or grenades, and then continue across to the burial room.

The door will close behind you and Ajunta Pall's Force ghost will warn you about his sword, which will be in his tomb. His sword will be a black double-bladed sword, which you will need to place in the hand of the statue in the back. If you put the wrong sword there, Ajunta Pall will recognize his sword and attack you for making the wrong choice. If you kill him, you can go free. The other two swords are a red vibroblade and a silver sword.

If you give him the right sword, he will go free after answering the few questions you may have. It is possible to instigate him into attacking you, however, so be warned what you tell him.

Academy Students

If you talk to one of the Sith masters in the large room directly before the entrance to the Valley of the Dark Lords, they will tell you about a small group of renegade students that has broken the rules of the Academy and run into the Shyrack Caves to escape Uthar's "justice." You will find them in the caves, and they will tell you of a terentatek that is blocking their only hope of escape, calling it a "strange creature" that they dared not face.

There are two possible endings to this quest:

Light Side: If you want Light Side points, you will kill the terentatek and free the students.
Dark Side: If you want Dark Side points, you will kill the students without telling them that the terentatek has been killed (if it even has).

Either path gives you prestige, you merely need to lie to Uthar about the students.

Rogue Droid

In one of the temples, you encounter many combat droids (Mark I-V) on the long slope that leads to the tomb. At the bottom, you collect a datapad from a dead Sith that informs you of a rogue assassin droid at the top of the temple that is extremely susceptible to sound. With the corpse is a sound-stealth dampening unit, which will allow you to approach the droid silently and attempt to shut the unit down or kill it. To shut it down, you will need to shut down several systems in the proper sequence. Wrong sequence will result in the droid's survival mechanisms kicking in, and if you are not able to reset the systems quickly, the droid will attack you.


Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiees is also one of the hosts of the Star Maps. The planet is also the homeworld of Zaalbar, the Wookiee who has sworn a life debt to you. There is, however, a twist thrown in: Zaalbar was exiled from Kashyyyk by his father for being a "madclaw" and attacking his brother.

Main objective

Your main objective is to find the Star Map, as in the other four worlds. You will need to traverse to the Wookiee village of Rwookrrorro, where Zaalbar will be taken by his twisted brother. There you will hear the full story.

Zaalbar attacked his brother when he found out that the Wookiee was dealing with slavers, and in his anger used his claws as weapons, as opposed to using them as tools, which they are supposed to be used as. His father disbelieved his story, you will find out later that he disbelieved the story because tradition said that the older son was to be believed as opposed to the younger son, or Zaalbar. Zaalbar was deemed a "madclaw" and banished. Later Zaalbar's brother usurped his father and banished the former leader to the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, where he has cause minor trouble for Wookiee hunting parties that journey down there.

The new leader of the Wookiees has made deals with the slavers, making him rich while his people suffer. When you get to the council room, an argument breaks out between Zaalbar and his brother, which ends with Zaalbar being held hostage and your being demanded to kill the "madclaw" that lives in the Shadowlands in exchange for Zaalbar back.

You will then be given permission to go into the Shadowlands, where you will find the Star Map and Zaalbar's father.

Other quests

There are also some other quests that you may engage while you are looking for the Star Map.

Mandalorian attack

When you go to the Lower Shadowlands you will see a Wookiee fighting off three Mandalorian warriors with only a vibrosword. You will aid him in his fight and talk to him afterward.

He tells you that a group of Mandalorians in the Shadowlands are preying on Wookiee hunting parties. The Wookiees are not able to fight them off, because the Mandalorians have an advanced cloaking system that renders them nearly invisible, and they only attack when their target is unarmed. To find them, you will need to find the groups of dead Wookiees and remove all of your weapons, and they will uncloak themselves and attack you. Hint: you can re-equip your weapons as soon as they appear by pausing the game and re-equipping your party.

Once you kill two groups, one of the Mandalorians will drop a swoop part, which you will take to the trio of swoop bikes that is marked on the map. Walk to each of the swoop bikes, and one of them will allow you an option to put the pad into the bike. When you do, the last group of Mandalorians will appear and attack you, and you can take the head of the leader (found in his remains) back to the Wookiee, who treasures it as a trophy and gives you a reward.

Yavin Station

The Yavin Station is a small orbital space station placed above Yavin IV. A lone Rodian lives on the space station, inventing miscellaneous weapons and armor. The station is occasionally visited by Trandoshan mercenaries.

Unknown World/Rakata Prime/Rakata Homeworld

Known to Revan as the Unknown World, Rakata Prime is the origin of the Rakata. The Ebon Hawk crash landed on the Unknown World because of a disruptor field of unknown origin. When Revan lands, he finds the source of the disruptor field to be an ancient Rakatan Temple, which only Force-users can enter. Unfortunately, the Hawk is damaged in the crash and Revan must find parts to fix it.

Revan can take one of two paths: a basic choice between left or right. If the player goes left, Revan encounters a warlike tribe of Rakata first, who recruit him to find the secrets of the Elders. If Revan goes right, he encounters the Elders, who recruit him to rescue a prisoner of the other Rakata.

Either way, Revan finds his way into the Temple, where he will face several Dark Jedi inside the Temple, and finally Bastila on the Temple Summit. After defeating Bastila, Revan is able to shut down the disruptor field and leave the planet.


Double the Pearls

On Tatooine, you can easily gain two krayt dragon pearls by following the Dark Side. After killing the krayt dragon, demand more credits for the task from the Twi'lek who conceived the mission. When he refuses to give in, kill him and search his body for a pearl. A second pearl should be in the krayt dragon. Both should upgrade your lightsaber considerably.

Unlimited Credits

When you are on Korriban, head to the Sith Academy outside the tombs where the archeologists are. Make sure to take Juhani with you. There is a character off to the left in the Valley of the Dark Lords named Dak Vesser. Ask him who he is and Juhani will recognize him as a lost Jedi lover. Dak is bitter and will leave and be in the cantina. Go there and talk with him without Juhani. You will be able to tell him that you are going to kill him and you will fight. After you kill him, collect his remains, including 150 credits and a lightsaber crystal. Now walk out of the cantina and take a left to the valley where the entrance to the Sith Academy is, and turn right back around and go into the cantina again. Dak should be alive as long as Juhani is not with you, so you can talk to him and kill him over and over again. The lightsaber crystals you get from Dak are worth nearly two-thousand credits each on Yavin IV. You also receive many dark side points if you opt to do this.

Defeat Calo Nord

While on Tatooine, you will walk into the cave of the Krayt Dragon after it is dead to retreive the Star Map. Once you come out, you will have to fight Calo Nord and a band of mercinaries. You should do the Krayt Dragon mission first as later on in the game, Calo is extremely tough to beat if you don't defeat him during this mission.

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