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Galactic Strongholds
Media Type Minor Digital Expansion (PC)
Developer BioWare
Publisher Electronic Arts
Rating ESRB: T
PEGI: 16
Published August 18th, 2014
(Premium/Subscriber Early Access)
September 16th, 2014
(Preferred Status Early Access)
October 14th, 2014
(General Release)
Timeline 3638 BBY
Preceded By Galactic Starfighter
Followed By Shadow of Revan

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Galactic Strongholds is the third digital expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic and was officially announced on 19 March 2014. It launched on 19 August 2014 for Subscriber early access with Preferred Status and Free-to-Play access opening in waves.[1]

Content highlights include multiple strongholds for players and guilds, hundreds of decorations to customize the strongholds, legacy stronghold storage, and planetary conquests.

Release dates[]

Galactic Strongholds is being made available in three waves depending on the player's account status.

Subscriber early access[]

Subscribers gained early access to Galactic Strongholds on 19 August 2014, as well as the following rewards:

Preferred Status early access[]

Preferred Status players gain early access to Galactic Strongholds on 16 September 2014, as well as the following rewards:

  • Stronghold Label: "Galactic Stronghold"
  • Character Title: "The Illustrious"

Free-to-Play access[]

Free-to-Play players gain access to Galactic Strongholds on 44 October 2014, as well as the following rewards:

  • Character Title: "The Illustrious"


Only four strongholds per legacy can be active at any time. In order to use a new stronghold, one of the active four must be deactivated. All decorations inside the deactivated stronghold will automatically be moved into the decorations list to be made available somewhere else, but otherwise it will remain the same. When purchased with credits, reactivation costs the same amount as the purchase price; when purchased with Cartel Coins, reactivation is free.

Stronghold types[]

Strongholds are divided up between personal and guild strongholds. They both can be managed from the Stronghold Management Window.


There are six personal strongholds available for purchase, two faction specific and four on neutral planets. The faction specific strongholds can be traveled to by characters of an enemy faction, but require a smuggler's fee.


Guilds can unlock both a flagship and a stronghold.

Customizing and decorating[]

To start placing decorations, click the button on the toolbar to enter EDIT MODE. While in Edit Mode, right-click a hook layout to pop up the hook editor.

The hook editor window will display a complete list of decorations that will fit into the selected hook. The list can be filtered by category and subcategory. Decorations will often fit into multiple hook types. Eligible hooks are displayed in the decoration's tooltip.

Once the desired decoration has been selected, click the PLACE button to insert it into the hook. It can then be nudged and rotated within the hook using the sliders that appear.

Decorations can usually be modified by clicking the LAYOUTS button and selecting a different set of hooks. Different layouts can be previewed by selecting them. Clicking APPLY LAYOUT will confirm the change and automatically pick up any decorations placed in the associated hooks.

Players will earn prestige for their legacy with each new decoration unlocked in their personal collection. As decorations are placed, the stronghold completion percentage will increase. A stronghold's prestige value is determined by its completion percentage multiplied by the legacy's prestige. Prestige is used to rank strongholds on the Public Listings.

Players can also unlock stronghold labels, which allow them to set a different name for their stronghold in the Stronghold Management Window. They can also select a different character in their legacy to be the official owner.


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