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The SWTOR Encyclopedia front cover.

"Star Wars The Old Republic Encyclopedia is an unprecedented visual companion to this complex world. Written by a team of writers from the game and created in close collaboration with Lucusfilm, LucusArts and BioWare, the book reveals a wealth of new material on characters, weapons, equipment, vehicles, history and locations."
―Book Synopsis[src]

The Old Republic Encyclopedia is the essential in-depth guide to the characters, weapons, vehicles, events and planets of the Star Wars galaxy during the turbulent times of the Old Republic. Featuring stunning artwork from the groundbreaking video game and amazing in-game images, this comprehensive encyclopedia contains knowledge and Star Wars lore that go far beyond the realm of the game.


This 352 page encyclopedia is the largest source for Star Wars The Old Republic. The hard back cover features concept art while in-book page backgrounds display stunning artwork and in-game screen shots. It comprehensively documents all factions of the Old Republic era.


  • Ian Ryan
  • Charles Boyd
  • Hall Hood
  • Joanna Berry
  • Zach Bush
  • James B. Jones


Amidst it's vast repository of information, here are highlights of the book.

The Republic

The Jedi Order

The Sith Empire

The Sith Order

The Underworld

Non Playable Factions




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