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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
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Knights of the Old Republic II

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December 6, 2004 (Xbox)
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, simply known as Knights of the Old Republic II or KotOR II, is the sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It was developed by Obsidian and published by Lucas Arts. According to the game's producers, the change of developers was primarily due to BioWare's occupation with other titles, such as Jade Empire and Dragon Age. BioWare is understood to have recommended Obsidian Entertainment as an alternative developer, having worked with many of Obsidian's key members when they were part of the now-defunct Black Isle Studios. The Sith Lords was constructed using an updated version of the original Knights of the Old Republic Odyssey engine, which Obsidian obtained from BioWare.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II takes place after all Jedi (except you and couple others) have been exterminated from the Galaxy and is threatened by the Sith Lords. You play as "the Exile" as you travel to six different planets to either bring peace to the world or not.



It has been five years since the conclusion of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Despite the seemingly happy ending of the previous story, the Republic is left in disarray following the defeat of the Sith. The remnants of Darth Malak's Sith Empire divided into numerous factions under several different leaderships, all with one common goal: the total extermination of the Jedi Order. What had become of Revan, the hero of the previous story, is unknown.

In the unseen events of the story, Meetra Surik, the last known Jedi Knight who had been exiled from the Jedi Order almost a decade ago for following Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, was picked up by the Hammerhead-class capital ship, the Harbinger, to be escorted to Telos IV. On its way to Telos, the Harbinger picked up a transmission from a small stock freighter that is later found out to be the Ebon Hawk, Revan's old ship which played a vital role in the defeat of Darth Malak. The ship was shown to have been attacked by a Sith warship. When both ships were investigated, no signs of life were found, save a horribly mutilated Sith corpse and a deactiated T3-M4. Unknown to the crew, several Sith assassins using stealth generators had infiltrated the vessel, and only a few hours later, they began killing the ship's crew. The Sith corpse was revealed to be, in fact, alive, and was none other than Darth Sion, who had come in search of Surik.

Meanwhile, an HK-50 series assassin droid located Surik in her quarters. Hoping to collect a substantial bounty that the Exchange had recently posted on live Jedi, the droid drugged Surik and locked her in one of the ship's cargo holds. Fortunately for her, an old woman named Kreia, who had come with the Ebon Hawk, located Surik and brought her onto the Hawk and they quickly escaped the Harbinger. However, even as it left, the Sith had already taken control of the Harbinger and fired upon the Ebon Hawk, damaging it even further and nearly killing Surik and Kreia. T3-M4 managed to make the jump to lightspeed before the job could be finished, and it emerged in the Peragus asteroid system. The HK-50 unit, intent on keeping a close eye on its quarry, also came aboard the Hawk. T3 then proceeded to pilot the ship safely through the field until it docked with the nearby Peragus mining facility. Surik was placed in a kolto tank for healing while Kreia, mistaken for dead because of the deep trance that she had placed herself in to survive the flight, was put in the morgue. T3 was deactivated when the station's miners found him, and placed both him and the HK-50 unit in maintenance.

Escape from Peragus

Approximately three days later, Surik awakened from her stupor and had no recollection of how she ended up in the facility. She located Kreia, who predicted that the Sith would come to the facility to terminate Surik, and that they should leave as soon as possible. Exploring the facility, Surik met a smuggler by the name of Atton Rand imprisoned in a force cage. The three of them seemed to be the only things left alive in the facility, which was littered with dead bodies and infested with murderous mining droids. With Rand's help, Surik crossed over to the facility's fuel pylons, where she encountered the HK-50 unit. Surik discovered that the droid was responsible for the destruction done to the facility, and was forced to destroy the droid.

Not to long after, the Harbinger did indeed arrive, and the Sith immediately began stalking Surik. Surik, along with Kreia and Rand, entered the Harbinger, fought through groups of Sith assassins, and came across Darth Sion. Kreia held Sion off while Surik and Rand went to find the Ebon Hawk, and ended up getting her hand cut off in the process. The moment she did, Surik felt the pain as well; a Force bond had somehow developed between the two.

Continuing on, Surik and Rand found T3-M4 dumped in a fuel pipe by the HK-50 unit. The three of them were able to reach the Hawk and escape the facility with Kreia. As they left, the Harbinger once again fired upon the ship, and ended up destroying an asteroid, setting off a chain reaction that destroyed the field, the station, and the Harbinger itself. The Ebon Hawk managed to escape the destruction by jumping into hyperspace.

Refuge on Telos IV

Having survived the ordeal at Peragus, Kreia explained to Surik what has been happening in the galaxy since the Mandalorian Wars. With the Sith believing her to be the last of the Jedi, Surik is the only hope left at stopping the Sith and saving the already decaying Republic. Following the flight telemetry from the Harbinger, the Ebon Hawk traveled to the planet Telos IV, which had been bombarded by Darth Malak five years prior and was undergoing a planet-wide restoration when Surik arrived. Arriving on Citadel Station, the massive complex that oversaw the project, the group was immediately detained by the Telos Security Force led by Lieutenant Dol Grenn because of their involvement in the destruction of the Peragus mining station. While Surik, Rand, and Kreia were placed in solitary, the Ebon Hawk, with T3-M4 on board, were quarantined. A mysterious woman clad in white robes then proceeded to steal both the Hawk and T3.

While Surik and her companions were incarcerated, they were attacked by a bounty hunter posing as Batu Rem, a young TSF officer. After surviving the hunter's attempts at killing them, the three of them were placed under house arrest. During their arrest, they were visited by representatives from both the Ithorian herd that was heading the Telos restoration efforts and the rivaling Czerka Corporation. Chodo Habat and Jana Lorso, the two organizations' respective overseers, both wanted Surik's help in driving the other side off of the planet. Once she was released from house arrest, Surik sided with the Ithorians and revealed evidence of Czerka's illegal activities on the planet, resulting in them being forced off of Telos.

With a shuttle provided by the Ithorians, Surik, Rand, and Kreia traveled to Telos' surface in search of the Ebon Hawk. However, they were shot down by a Czerka research team and were pulled from the wreckage by Bao-Dur, an Iridonian mechanic who served with Surik in the Mandalorian Wars. With Bao-Dur's help, the party broke into a Czerka droid production facility and hijacked a shuttle there, and set a coarse for the planet's polar region, where Bao-Dur believed the Ebon Hawk was located.

Once they arrived at the polar region, the group was once again shot down, this time by three HK-50 units. After dispatching the droids, Surik and her companions discovered a secret underground Jedi training facility. Here, Surik's companions were imprisoned by a group of handmaidens and Surik herself was brought before Jedi Master Atris, who was one of the Jedi responsible for her exile. Atris showed great hostility towards Surik and admitted that she had sent her handmaidens to steal the Ebon Hawk so that she could salvage lost records that were apparently located within the freighter.

Surik told Atris about her encounter with the Sith, and Atris was somewhat disturbed by this information. Surik offered to help Atris against this threat despite their past disagreements. Surprised that Surik held no contempt towards her or the Order, Atris accepted the offer, and instructed Surik to travel to the planets Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, and Korriban to find the Jedi Masters Vrook Lamar, Zez-Kai Ell, Kavar, and Lonna Vash. Once they were located, they would meet on Dantooine and discuss this new threat. After collecting her companions and T3-M4, Surik departed Telos with the Ebon Hawk. Before they left, Atris instructed one of her handmaidens, Brianna, to accompany Surik in her journey, as they would need any help they could get.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Outer Rim, the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus sensed Surik's presence in the Force, and sent his apprentice, a Miraluka named Visas Marr, to capture Surik and bring her before him.


The group's first stop was on Dantooine. During the war with Darth Malak, the planet was bombarded by the Sith fleet, destroying the Jedi Enclave there and most of the planet's surface. To heal from the destruction, a small government community dubbed Khoonda, which was set up in the former home of the Metale family. The organization was led by Administrator Terena Adare, who was having serious issues with a posse of mercenaries led by the ex-Sith soldier Azkul.

The Ebon Hawk arrived on Dantooine, and found that since the bombardment, Jedi were not treated kindly by the local settlers. Surik's status as a Jedi Knight brought fear to the citizens of Dantooine, save Adare, who had been secretly aligned with the Jedi. Surik met with Adare, and learned that she had been co-operating with Master Vrook Lamar, who went missing shortly after investigating the Enclave ruins. With Adare's permission, Surik ventured into the ruins, which were infested by bloodthirsty insects called laigreks. While there, Surik encountered Kaevee, a disoriented young Jedi padawan who had survived the destruction of the Enclave and had been living in solitude for five years. After surviving the young padawan's mad attempts at killing her, Surik convinced Kaevee to leave the Enclave and seek out other Jedi so she may continue her training.

Surik eventually came across numerous dead mercenaries that showed signs of lightsaber wounds. Among the bodies was a datapad that held instructions from Azkul to kidnap Vrook and bring him to the kinrath caves near Khoonda. Surik immediately left for the caves, where she found Master Vrook held in a force cage by a group of mercenaries, who were planning on selling the master to the Exchange. Surik was able to kill the mercenaries and free Vrook, but the master chastized her once he was freed, saying that the mercenaries were planning on attacking Khoonda, and that he had intended to be caught so that the community would be spared. Surik left the cave, where she was confronted by Azkul. The ex-Sith requested that Surik join him in his assault on Khoonda, a request that Surik denied. In return, Azkul ordered his men to kill Surik, and they failed.

At Khoonda, Surik helped Adare and Vrook in booting up Khoonda's defences. The mercenaries then attacked Khoonda, and despite their efforts, they were no match for Surik and her companions. Azkul was killed in the ensuing confrontation, and the mercenaries had no choice but to retreat. With Khoonda in her debt, Surik met with Vrook, who promised to wait in the Enclave until all the other masters were found. Her business on Dantooine finished, Surik returned to the Ebon Hawk, but was surprised to find that Visas Marr had boarded the ship and incapacitated the crew. Marr attempted to kill Surik, but the latter destroyed the attacker's lightsaber. Disarmed, Marr surrendered and swore allegiance to Surik, expanding the party even further.

Nar Shaddaa

The next stop was Nar Shaddaa, one of the moon's of Nal Hutta and a base of operations for the Exchange. The crew of the Ebon Hawk came to the moon in search of Zez-Kai Ell, one of the more sympathetic masters of the Order. As soon as they set down in the Refugee Sector, a large area where refugees dwelt following the war against Malak, the group became targets of the Bounty Hunter Guild, who all sought to collect the bounty on Surik. Rather than remain low and direct all attention away from her, Surik did the exact opposite, pestering the Exchange so that she could get closer to whoever placed the bounty on her.

Eventually, Surik was approached by a messenger droid from the Quarren Exchange boss Visquis, who requested that Surik meet him alone in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr, an alien bar filled with toxins very hazardous to humans, for a meeting. Seeing this as her only way of meeting with the Exchange, Surik donned a pressure suit and went to the Jekk'Jekk Tarr, only to be stopped halfway by Mira, the sector's most famous bounty hunter. Mira informed Surik that the meeting with Visquis was just a trap to lure the Quarren's employer, Goto, out of hiding so that Visquis can kill him and take over Goto's more prominent role in the Exchange. When Surik presses on anyways, Mira tranquilizes her, steals the suit, and meets Visquis in her place. This plan goes horribly wrong, and Mira is captured by Visquis and her rival, the Wookiee hit-man Hanharr.

Meanwhile, the Bounty Hunter Guild started stalking Surik's companions, starting with Atton, who was ambushed and nearly killed by the Twin Suns, a pair of Twi'lek bounty hunters posing as cantina dancers. He returned to the Hawk, where he led the party to the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to rescue Surik, fighting through hordes of bounty hunters.

During this entire fiasco, Surik was revived by Zez-Kai Ell, and rushed to the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to rescue Mira. Mira, on the other hand, was thrown into a pit-like arena hidden underneath the bar, where she fought and wounded Hanharr, killed Visquis' pet kath hounds, and opened a secret tunnel connecting the pit to the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. This allowed Surik to get into the pit, where she confronted Visquis. Visquis attempted to capture Surik alive, but failed and tried to order his guards to kill her. Much to his and Surik's surprise, the guards turned on him and murdered him, as they never truly worked for him, but for Goto. Surik was then captured and brought to Goto's secret yacht.

Mira managed to escape the Jekk'Jekk Tarr and met with Surik's companions. Realizing that they needed special launch codes to seek out Goto's yacht, they sent T3-M4 into the warehouse of Vogga the Hutt, where he stole the necessary codes from a pair of clueless protocol droids. As he was leaving the warehouse, T3-M4 was attacked by three HK-50 units, who were seeking the codes as well. Despite being small and outnumbered, T3 was able to destroy the droids and return to the party with the codes. After attaining the launch codes, the party, accompanied by Mira, entered the moon's orbit and were immediately abducted by Goto's yacht, just as planned.

On the yacht, Surik met with Goto, who had no interest in killing her, but rather he needed her help. For reasons unknown at the time, Goto wished for the Republic to stay intact, and believed that Surik was the only one capable of making this happen. Surik agreed to help Goto on the condition that he release her, but Goto refused, stating that Surik would most likely cause more trouble for the Republic if she was still out fighting the Sith. Luckily for her, her companions infiltrated the yacht after being falsely abducted and freed her from her confinements. As they were shutting down the security keeping the Ebon Hawk locked to the yacht, the group unintentionally lowered the yacht's cloaking device, giving it away to the ever persistant Bounty Hunter Guild. Several bounty hunters proceeded to board the yacht in an effort to kill Surik, but none of them succeeded and were slain. Surik also briefly encountered and killed the Twin Suns, who survived they earlier confrontation with Atton. As Surik and her companions fled Goto's yacht, the Bounty Hunters Guild proceeded to destroy the vessel, seemingly killing Goto.

The crew of the Ebon Hawk returned to Nar Shaddaa to meet with Zez-Kai Ell, who had been working secretly with Mira. As they were returning to the planet, they discovered that G0-T0, a droid that was named after and belonged to the now deceased crime lord, had boarded the ship shortly before the yacht was destroyed. The droid would continue to serve as a voice for Goto's orders, as he still needed Surik to help stabilize the galaxy. Surik met with Zez-Kai Ell in Mira's safehouse, where he admitted to her that he went into self-imposed exile to escape the detection of the Sith. Before departing, Ell then told Surik that he thought she made the right choice going to war, despite what the other masters believed. With their business on Nar Shaddaa taken care of, the group departed to moon.

Dxun and Onderon

After Nar Shaddaa, the Ebon Hawk set a course for Onderon, a planet in the Outer Rim territories with very loose ties to the Republic. They were hoping to find Jedi Master Kavar. While waiting in the long traffic line to the planet's capital, Iziz, the Hawk was intercepted by Colonel Tobin of the Onderon military. Ships under Tobin's command attacked the Hawk, forcing it to fight back in self-defense and issueing an enormous space battle. The Ebon Hawk was severely damaged in the firefight, and was forced to make an emergency landing on a nearby jungle moon identified as Dxun.

While Atton remained with the Ebon Hawk to make repairs, Surik and the rest of her companions ventured into the wilderness, fighting the moon's ferocious wildlife. The group soon came across a clan of Mandalorians led by Canderous Ordo, who, since the war with Darth Malak, had taken on the title of Mandalore and was attempting to reunite the Mandalorian clans. Having had past experiences with Jedi, Ordo agreed to provide transportation to Iziz if Surik were to prove her worth. Surik complied by doing numerous tasks throughout the camp, like rescuing a lost Mandalorian scout, killing a group of Onderon military soldiers that had been terrorizing the hunting party, and slaying an enormous armored beast known as a zakkeg.

As Ordo was preparing a shuttle for launch, Sith assassins, like the ones encountered on Peragus, invaded the camp and started fighting the Mandalorians. After aiding the Mandalorians against the invaders, Surik and Ordo left Dxun and arrived in Iziz. Not to long after arriving, Surik grew knowledgeable of the crisis that was brewing in Iziz. Onderon military General Vaklu declared martial law in the city and began subtly rallying support for his revolution against his cousin, Queen Talia. Mandalore's personal friend, Dr. Dagon Ghent, after being cleared of charges for the murder of Captain Sullio, thanks to Surik's investigation, found Master Kavar and made contact. At the time, Kavar was serving as a Jedi bodyguard and adviser to the queen, and he left the palace walls to meet with Meetra in the local cantina.

Their meeting was interrupted by Colonel Tobin, who attempted to arrest the two Jedi. Kavar was able to immobilize Tobin's men, allowing him and Surik to escape the cantina. Kavar returned to the palace while Surik and Ordo returned to Dxun. Kavar promised to contact Surik when he had the chance. Ordo decided to accompany Surik in her quest, as he believed he may encounter other Mandalorians across the galaxy.


Until they received word from Kavar, the crew of the Ebon Bawk left Dxun and traveled to the Sith world of Korriban. After the defeat of Darth Malak, the Sith Academy on the planet fell into disarray, and the remnants of the Sith turned on each other until no more were left on the planet. Surik came her in search of Jedi Master Lonna Vash. The party, minus Kreia, explored the planet's surface, encountering the spirits of the planet's dead Sith Lords until they finally came across the academy.

Unknown to them, Darth Sion was in the academy waiting for Surik, and trapped them inside. Fighting their way through many Sith assassins and ferocious tuk'ata creatures, the party discovered Vash, dead and horribly mutilated after being tortured by Sion. Using a datapad that Vash had been carrying, the party sliced into the academy's systems and unlocked the exit door. Before escaping, Surik encountered Sion, he said that he knew of Kreia and that she was merely using Surik for her own personal plans.

Return to Dxun

Upon returning to the Ebon Hawk, the crew received a message from the Mandalorian encampment on Dxun saying that Kavar had just made contact. Returning to the jungle moon, the party learned from the Mandalorians that General Vaklu had just met with the Onderonian Council of Lords, declaring Queen Talia guilty of treason. As a result, civil war fell upon Iziz. To further worsen the situation, Vaklu had made an alliance with Darth Nihilus, and had much Sith support.

Kreia discovered that the Sith were on Dxun trying to siphon energy from an unknown Force nexus, and that they had be stopped in order for Talia's throne to be saved. So, Surik handpicked three members of her party to lead the Mandalorians into the jungle and stop the Sith. The party fought their way through the Sith camp and discovered the Tomb of Freedon Nadd, a Sith Lord and ancestor of Queen Talia. They found a trio of Sith Lords trying to drain the tomb's energies, and were able to stop them in time.

Onderon Civil War

Meanwhile, Surik, Kreia, and Ordo traveled to Iziz via a salvaged Basilisk war droid. Joining up with several of Talia's royal guard, they fought their way up the Sky Ramp, the long pathway leading to the royal palace. Finally reaching the palace itself, the team was cut off from the throne room by Colonel Tobin, and were forced to deactivate two different terminals to open it. One terminal was being controlled by a talented Twi'lek slicer named Kiph, who had earlier helped Surik clear the case of Dagon Ghent. Kiph had been throwing numerous obstacles in Surik's path as she was making her way up the Sky Ramp, and when Surik confronted him, she was deeply disappointed with his decisions, but nonetheless let him go.

Once the door to the throne room was unlocked, Surik witnessed Tobin being critically wounded by a Drexl larva that the Sith were using to break into the throne room. After killing the beast, Surik and her cohorts finally entered the throne room and stopped General Vaklu from killing Talia. After a brief firefight, Vaklu was apprehended. Initially believing that Talia would simply imprison him for life, Vaklu was horrified when Talia ordered his execution, saying that to many people were already loyal to him and that him living put all of Iziz in danger. So, Talia's royal guard terminated Vaklu on the spot, ending the civil war.

Unknown to anyone else, Kreia revived Colonel Tobin, telling him that the Jedi were rebuilding on Telos. Tobin left Onderon and came to Darth Nihilus, telling him of the apparent Jedi academy on Telos. Unable to sustain his hunger for Force energies, Nihilus set a coarse for Telos.

Kreia's fall

With all of the Jedi Masters found, Surik returned to Dantooine and met with Vrook, Ell, and Kavar in the now rebuilt Jedi Enclave. Surik learned from the Masters that the Council did not cut her off from the Force as Kreia led her to believe. She instinctively caused herself to become deaf to the Force after activating the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V and being unable to withstand the Wound in the Force that she created by doing this.

Surik failed to persuade the Jedi Masters to unite against the Sith. The Jedi Masters explained that this new Sith threat, which caught them unprepared, fed on Force users, so that whenever Jedi gathered, they inevitably died, and everyone and everything around them shared the same fate. This was what happened on Katarr, Visas Marr's home world and the location of the previous Jedi gathering. The Jedi Masters explained to Surik that they believe she would eventually cause the death of the Force, and they feared that Surik would lead the Sith to the Enclave. Therefore, the Jedi Masters refused to accept her back into the Order and decided to separate Surik from the Force; this time, forever.

Before they could even begin, Kreia intervened and revealed herself to be one of the Sith. She forced the three Masters away from Surik and cut off their connections to the Force, not because they were Jedi, but because they were willing to condemn Surik even after all she had done for them. The masters, unable to live without the Force, died. Surik retained her connection to the Force, but remained unconscious as Brianna ran into the Enclave and took Kreia to her mistress as a prisoner, believing she had murdered Surik. This left Surik no choice but to return to the secret Telosian academy, as she believed that the Force bond between her and Kreia was fatal and, should Atris execute Kreia, she would die as well.

However, Atris did not execute her. Kreia berated Atris on her past decisions, and revealed to her that because of her jealosy for Surik and habit of studying tainted Sith holocrons, she had, without realizing it, turned to the dark side. Atris then let Kreia depart for Malachor, where the Sith were striking from. Meanwhile, Brianna was confronted by the other handmaidens, who told her that she had betrayed Atris by following Surik and attacked her. Brianna defeated her sisters but didn't kill them, and was then attacked and easily defeated by Atris. Fortunately, Surik arrived in time to save her and dueled Atris. After an intense duel, Surik defeated Atris. Surik then apologized to Atris for all the trouble she had caused her in the past, and left her on Telos to await the consequences of her crimes.

At that moment, an enormous Sith fleet dropped out of hyperspace and started to attack Citadel Station. Surik and Brianna met back up with the others on the Ebon Hawk, and left the polar region academy to help defend the station.

Battle of Telos IV

Before the Ebon Hawk arrived on Citadel Station, a squadron of troops sent in by Queen Talia and the Khoonda militia arrived to help the Telos Security Force against the Sith. In the ensueing skirmished, Officer Vao, Moza, and Jana Lorso were all killed and the Sith started to gain the upper hand. The Hawk arrived sometime later and the tides were turned. The crew stopped the Sith from sabotaging the station's fuel supply. Surik, along with Visas Marr and Canderous Ordo's Mandalorians, took a shuttle to Darth Nihilus' battleship, the Ravager, so they could destroy it and end the assault.


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