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Over the centuries, the Miraluka adapted and developed the ability see their enemies and surroundings through the Force.

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Some Jedi Masters speculate that it is precisely because of a Miraluka’s trust in the Force rather than their eyes that they fight so fluently with Lightsabers.

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Miraluka who have joined the Jedi Order have proven to consistently be strong in the Force and exceptionally skilled in the martial arts.

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The Guardian stands firm, daring his opponents to attack.

File:Ss2 1600x900.jpg

Advanced training and knowledge of the Force allow this Jedi Guardian to quickly slay his attacker.

File:Ss3 1600x900.jpg

Through years of training, the Sentinel learns the art of duel welding Lightsabers, a skill that gives him an upper hand.

File:Ss4 1600x900.jpg

By channeling the Force, the Sentinel can see holes in enemy defenses, and potential flaws in their combat techniques.

SS 20100730 NarShaddaa01 full.jpg

Nar Shaddaa’s upper levels are full of vendors and shops that cater to every taste imaginable.

SS 20100730 NarShaddaa02 full.jpg

This sprawling mass of skyscrapers is considered to be one of the most dangerous...

SS 20100730 NarShaddaa03 full.jpg

Dominated by a black market that caters to every indulgence...

SS 20100730 NarShaddaa04 full.jpg

Nar Shaddaa is famous for its expansive, vibrant cityscape...

SS 20100521 Hoth01 full.jpg

The volcanic currents running under Hoth’s surface not only provide the heat necessary for subterranean plant life but occasionally cause fissures to appear on the surface.

SS 20100521 Hoth02 full.jpg

Pushing technology to the max in order to survive the deadly climate, several outposts and bases like this one have been hewn directly out of the living ice.

SS 20100521 Hoth03 full.jpg

The Republic and Empire are locked in a war of attrition on Hoth, with every kilometer of desolate ice hard won.

SS 20100521 Hoth04 full.jpg

Hoth’s icy walls and tunnels provide cover, not only for the specially adapted wildlife, but also for secret military

SS 20100514 blog01 full.jpg

The Voss' appearance is strikingly different from their environment suggesting they have ancestral heritage on another

SS 20100514 blog02 full.jpg

The Mystics of the Voss are able to use the Force to see the future and provide guidance to their people.

SS 20100514 AC01 full.jpg

Some players will customize their Sith Warrior so they can charge into the thick of battle, taking the full heat of enemy aggression.

SS 20100514 AC02 full.jpg

Other players will choose a path for their Sith Warrior that allows them to channel their rage, destroying their enemies as quickly as possible.

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The Salky Hound is a favorite pet of criminal and mercenary groups who purchase the beasts on a thriving black market.

Screen02 gormak 1600x900.jpg

For reasons unknown, the Gormak have a fierce hatred of anything associated with the Voss.

Screen03 gormak 1600x900.jpg

The Gormak have a natural camouflage that allows them to virtually disappear into the Voss landscape.

Screen01 gormak full.jpg

This Gormak proudly displays superior armor and weaponry that his people have engineered from salvaged technology.

Screen01 hound full.jpg

Originally bred by Republic scientists, the Salky Hound was intended to be the perfect genetic creation.

Screen02 hound full.jpg

Initial tests of the Salky Hounds found that they were too uncontrollable to be of any use to the Republic, and the project was discontinued.

Screen01 gundark full.jpg

Because the Gundark is a vicious combatant, arena promoters have inadvertently helped them proliferate throughout the galaxy.

Screen02 gundark full.jpg

With extremely acute senses of hearing and smell, a Gundark has no trouble locating his prey in even the densest terrain.

Screen03 gundark full.jpg

Although Gundarks usually hunt in packs, a lone Gundark can easily hold his own against most opponents.

Screen02 ar34 full.jpg

Specifically designed to excel at short-range combat, the AR-34 Enforcer is best kept at range.

Screen03 ar34 full.jpg

This AR-34 is doing what this line of droids does best – security for Hutt crime lords.

Screen01 ar34 full.jpg

Initially commissioned by the Hutt Crime Cartel, the AR-34 is now in use by various mercenary and criminal groups.

Screen02 x2c3 full.jpg

When innovative engineering combines with superior flexibility, the result is the X2-C3 Imperial Astromech.

Screen01 x2c3 full.jpg

Equipped with an incredibly advanced sensory array and intelligence gathering optimization, the X2-C3 Imperial Astromech makes a surprisingly versatile scout.

Screen03 x2c3 full.jpg

Because of their versatility, no Imperial installation is without at least one X2-C3 unit.

Screen02 trandoshan full.jpg

With keen eyesight, thick scaly hides, and an ability to regenerate, Trandoshans make deadly adversaries.

Screen03 trandoshan full.jpg

Many Trandoshans have dedicated themselves to “the Hunt” – a religious ideal that pits their skill as warriors against any challenge the galaxy can throw at them.

Screen01 trandoshan full.jpg

Trandoshans are hunters by nature and will wait patiently for days to take down a target.

SS 20100409 Voss01 full.jpg

The mountain-top capital city of Voss-Ka houses the Tower of Prophecy, as well as the Republic and Imperial Embassies.

SS 20100409 Voss02 full.jpg

A heavily fortified Gormak camp is defended by stolen Republic and Imperial guns, upgraded for maximum damage.

SS 20100409 Voss03 full.jpg

The Voss are great lovers of art with a distinct style that has been in existence for thousands of years.

SS 20100409 Voss04 full.jpg

The Gormak strip mine Voss' resources, building tech monoliths and leaving desolation behind.

SS 20100312 Belsavis01 full.jpg

The tropical rifts of Belsavis are home to a wide range of plant life, not found anywhere else in the galaxy.

SS 20100312 Belsavis02 full.jpg

A small landing pad and guard tower overlooks part of the prison complex known as “the Tomb.”

SS 20100312 Belsavis03 full.jpg

Mostly covered in ice, there are a few places on the surface of Belsavis capable of supporting life.

SS 20100312 Belsavis04 full.jpg

Outside of this tropical oasis, Belsavis’ surface is covered in perpetual ice and snow.

SS 20100212 Taris01 full.jpg

Amidst the twisted metal ruins, the Republic has begun building settlements on Taris.

SS 20100212 Taris02 full.jpg

300 years later, relics of the Sith bombardment still litter the Tarisian surface.

SS 20100212 Taris03 full.jpg

The overgrown surface of Taris still holds clues about the endless city that once covered it.

SS 20100212 Taris04 full.jpg

After centuries of darkness, sunlight and plant life have returned to Taris’ Undercity.

SS 20100108 DromundKaas01 full.jpg

Dromund Kaas is home to the Emperor, but Kaas City is also the headquarters of Imperial Intelligence.

SS 20100108 DromundKaas02 full.jpg

The deep jungles of Dromund Kaas are dotted with relics and ruins of the ancient Sith.

SS 20100108 DromundKaas03 full.jpg

The Empire spent over one thousand years on Dromund Kaas rebuilding their mighty war machine.

SS 20100108 DromundKaas04 full.jpg

The deep jungles of Dromund Kaas are dotted with relics and ruins of the ancient Sith.

SS 20091218 Tatooine01 full.jpg

Tatooine’s rocky hills and canyons provide settlers with natural defense.

SS 20091218 Tatooine02 full.jpg

Sandcrawlers are the mobile headquarters for Tatooine’s industrious Jawas.

SS 20091218 Tatooine03 full.jpg

Small spaceports like this one are where smugglers often conduct their business.

SS 20091218 Tatooine04 full.jpg

This Sarlacc is just one of the many hazards of Tatooine’s desert wastes.

SS 20091211 SithInquisitor01 full.jpg

The Sith Inquisitor blends a stunning combination of Force powers and double-bladed Lightsaber attacks to defeat his opponents.

SS 20091211 SithInquisitor02 full.jpg

The Sith Inquisitor lets loose an arcing blast of Force lightning to drain the life from a Republic Trooper.

SS 20091211 SithInquisitor03 full.jpg

The cunning Sith Inquisitor is the living embodiment of the destructive power of the dark side of the Force.

SS 20091211 SithInquisitor04 full.jpg

Unleashing a barrage of Force Lightning, the Sith Inquisitor gives these Republic troops a taste of his wrath.

SS 20091204 JediConsular01 full.jpg

Lightsaber drawn, this Jedi Consular takes on a calm, controlled ready-stance in preparation for an attack.

SS 20091204 JediConsular02 full.jpg

The power of the Force enables this Jedi Consular to immobilize an army of battle droids.

SS 20091204 JediConsular03 full.jpg

Drawing on her deep connection to the Force, the Jedi Consular easily repels her Flesh Raider opponent.

SS 20091204 JediConsular04 full.jpg

Drawing upon her Force powers this Jedi Consular sets off on a special mission for the Republic.

SS 20091127 Alderaan02 full.jpg

The subterranean caverns of Alderaan hide many mysteries and ancient ruins.

SS 20091127 Alderaan01 full.jpg

Built against Alderaan’s majestic mountains, the towers of Castle Organa add to the landscape’s famed beauty.

SS 20091127 Alderaan04 full.jpg

From trade centers such as this one owned by the Ulgo family, Alderaan’s citizens once placed bets on the nerf races.

SS 20091127 Alderaan03 full.jpg

This mountain bridge spans a deep valley in the highlands of Alderaan.

SS 20091113 ImperialAgent01 full.jpg

After a thorough reconnaissance of the area, the Imperial Agent calls in reinforcements.

SS 20091113 ImperialAgent02 full.jpg

In order to complete his mission, this Imperial Agent searches the hills of Balmorra for stolen ammunitions.

SS 20091113 ImperialAgent03 full.jpg

From the safety of higher ground, an Imperial Agent finds the optimal position to take out unsuspecting targets.

SS 20091113 ImperialAgent04 full.jpg

Weapons drawn, an Imperial Agent stands off against a dual-blaster wielding bandit protecting his shipment.

Jediknight1 1600x900.jpg

A powerful Force Push breaks this battle droid, sending it flying.

Jediknight2 1600x900.jpg

A Force Leap and a powerful overhead strike will make short work of this Flesh Raider.

Jediknight3 1600x900.jpg

With a wide arsenal of Force powers at his command, the Jedi Knight has nothing to fear from this lone attacker.

Jediknight4 1600x900.jpg

Channeling the power of the Force, the Jedi Knight faces his opponent with confidence.

Balmorrascreen02 800x450 holonet.jpg

Nestled in Balmorra’s Broken Valley, the outskirts of Sobrik remain heavily fortified.

Balmorrascreen03 800x450 holonet.jpg

This encampment in Broken Valley is the Republic’s forward position in the battle for Balmorra.

Balmorrascreen04 800x450 holonet.jpg

Once a major population center, much of Broken Valley was abandoned following the Great War.

Balmorrascreen01 800x450 holonet.jpg

Famous for producing weapons of war, Balmorra has impressive stockpiles of munitions.

File:Screen01 800x450 holonet.jpg

The Coruscant Spaceport is one of the most recognizable features of the planet’s endless skyline.

File:Screen02 800x450 holonet.jpg

Nestled between the Senate and Spaceport, this building and its’ taxis help travelers navigate across the planet.

File:Screen04 800x450 holonet.jpg

This docking area is a busy hub for taxis, cargo transports, and reconstruction equipment.

Siths1 1600x900.jpg

Armed with his signature Lightsaber, the Sith Warrior can easily protect himself from the enemies behind him, while making short work of the ones before him.

Siths2 1600x900.jpg

This Sith Warrior reaches out an unseen hand to Force Choke the life out of her would be assailant.

Siths3 1600x900.jpg

The Jedi is overcome by the strength and power of a dual Lightsaber wielding Sith Warrior.

Siths4 1600x900.jpg

Lightsabers in hand, the Sith Warrior stands ready to defend an Imperial Star Cruiser.

Smss2 1920x1080.jpg

Gangsters, pirates, and other marauders create dangerous roadblocks for the Smuggler.

Smss1 1920x1080.jpg

A stealthy Smuggler surveys the room where stolen contraband is located.

Smss3 1920x1080.jpg

Blaster drawn, a Smuggler secures a control room inside an enemy outpost on Ord Mantell.

Smss4 1920x1080.jpg

Taking cover behind a supply crate, a Smuggler prepares to ambush a group of Separatist soldiers.

Tss4 1600x900.jpg

A team of Troopers scours an unsecured town after a recent resurgence of Separatist attacks.

Tss3 1600x900.jpg

On the battlefield, Troopers work together with tactical precision to assault an enemy outpost.

Tss2 1600x900.jpg

A lone Trooper stands amongst the burning remains of a Republic Walker on the war-torn world of Ord Mantell.

Tss1 1600x900.jpg

The heavy rifle is as much a part of the Trooper as his right arm and he would as soon be without one as the other.

Bss4 1600x900.jpg

A Bounty Hunter’s armor conceals a wide variety of weaponry.

Bss3 1600x900.jpg

Blasters and other standard firearms are key to the Bounty Hunter’s survival.

Bss2 1600x900.jpg

A Bounty Hunter takes fire, as he narrowly misses a blaster shot.

Bss1 1600x900.jpg

A Bounty Hunter’s flamethrower projects a stream of fire onto his enemy.

SS 20090410 OrdMantell01 1600x1200.jpg

Republic Military Base

SS 20090410 OrdMantell02 1582x1132.jpg

Separatist Stronghold

SS 20090410 OrdMantell03 1600x953.jpg

Separatist Landing Platform

SS 20090410 OrdMantell04 1600x943.jpg

Republic Military Base


Cantina of the Hutt Palace


A Hutt


Hutt Palace




Drainage Pipes


An Acklay’s seemingly impenetrable pincers are no match for a Jedi.


Face wraps and deflective armor provide protection from the harsh elements of Korriban.


It takes skill to avoid detection by the Jedi.


On Korriban, you must be prepared to defend yourself at all times.


Not far from the Jedi Enclave on Tython, a traitor is confronted.

Human render 1600x780.jpg

Male Human Render

Ithorian render 1383x780.jpg

From character concept to 3D

Works generator 1225x831.jpg

An underground generator and its in-game counterpart


Sith Attack Plans


An Assassin Droid




The Jedi Temple


Sands of Korriban


Jedi Meeting Room


Sith Academy


Village on Tython


A Kel'Dor cautiously surveys the room for potential threats.


Jedi and a Sith battle amongst ancient ruins.


The main hall of the Sith Academy


A Jedi strikes down a Nexu


Sith unleashes Force lightning against an opponent


Dark and Light Clash


Jedi Enclave on Tython

Mining droids.jpg

Mining Droids: not defenseless

Special forces.jpg

Republic Special Forces


Tython, the Jedi Homeworld

Force choke.jpg

The Sith Force Choke


The Sith Homeworld of Korriban