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Star of Coruscant
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"The greatest prize in Hoth’s starship graveyard is a behemoth of a vessel called the Star of Coruscant. At the time of its crash, this superdreadnought was the most advanced ship in the Republic fleet–a project years in the making, shepherded along by one Colonel Omas. Its experimental weapons and breakthrough technology could have turned the war’s tide, had the Empire not devoted every resource to trapping and destroying it. Not even the long fall from orbit to Hoth’s hard-packed ice plains could shatter the Star of Coruscant’s hull. The ship remains intact, and White Maw pirates have spent considerable effort reactivating its internal power systems and shields. Indeed, the ship is now a veritable fortress on the planet’s surface."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Star of Coruscant was a super dreadnought built to serve the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War.


All that is known for certain is that the vessel was powerful beyond measure, the full extent of its weapon systems and armament remain unknown.


Constructed for the Republic Navy to serve as the flagship of the Fleet, the Star of Coruscant was in no doubt the greatest ship of the Fleet. Sadly just mere months after it's completion the vessel was destroyed in its ill fated confrontation with the Imperial Fleet at Hoth in 3,665 bby, Republic commanders and sailors alike watched in horror as the "invincible" dreadnought crashed into the planet below.

The White Maw

Sometime after it crashed on Hoth a gang of Pirates and Scavengers known as the White Maw Pirates landed on Hoth and set up shop in the surprisingly intact Star of Coruscant. Details of what they intend to do with the vessel are still sketchy, though many theories exist.

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