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Scout ship
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Scout ship

The Starbreaker 12 was a starship owned by Gav and Jori Daragon at the onset of the Great Hyperspace War.


The Starbreaker 12 was originally owned by Hok and Timar Daragon, Gav and Jori's parents, and was used as a backup ship for their main ship, the Shadow Runner. Hok and Timar died when the Shadow Runner was destroyed by rebel forces during the Unification Wars, leaving Gav and Jori to take up ownership of the Starbreaker 12. After mapping a series of unsuccessful hyperlanes, the Daragons ran afoul of Ssk Kahorr and were forced to flee Cinnagar in the Starbreaker 12.

When the Daragons jumped to hyperspace their flight plane took them farther than anyone from the Republic had gone before, finaly after a long journey they droped out of hyperspace above a strange red world. Bringing the Starbreaker 12 below the planet's atmosphere, the Daragons observed a great civilisation, they had stumbled upon the fabled Sith Empire. The Starbreaker 12 landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords interupting the funeral of Marka Ragnos, and as soon the siblings emerged from their vessel they were arrested and the Starbreaker 12 was impounded in the hangar of the Sith Citadel on Ziost. While, a arguement raged regarding the fate of the Daragons and of the ship; Ludo Kressh wanted the Daragons executed, while Naga Sadow believed that the Daragons possessed important information and should be left alive. Sadow ordered two of his Massassi warriors to take weapons from the ship, the warriors overpowered the guard and entered the ship, taking a pair blasters. These blasters were used in an attack led by Sadow on the Citadel's prison level, covertly freeing the Daragons from their cell, and hiding them in his citadel on Khar Delba. Sadow planted the blasters at the scene to make it look like a Republic attack, sending the Sith into a frenzy. Sadow took this opportunity to declare himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Sadow also ordered his minions to steal the Starbreaker 12 from Ziost and bring it Khar Delba. Ludo Kressh soon learned what Sadow did and took his fleet to Khar Delba and attacked Sadow's citadel, On Khar Delba, Sadow brought the Starbreaker 12 to Jori Daragon and told her she had to leave immediatly without here brother, Sadow then warned her to be cautious, just as Kressh launched an aerial invasion on Khar Delba bombarding Sadow's citadel. Jori managed to escape Sith space and returned to Koros Major, she was however, unaware that Sadow had placed a tracking device on the Starbreaker 12's hull, so that he could locate the Republic.

Starbreaker 12 (rear)

The rear of Starbreaker 12.

Upon arriving at Koros Major, Jori was arrested by Cinnagar control, and her tales of the Sith fell on deaf ears. At this point Ssk Kahorr claimed the Starbreaker 12 as payment for the destruction of his starship Zeta Five, and his claim was granted. Now in possession of the Starbreaker 12, Ssk Kahorr and his personal assistant Gorrm decided to test the ship's functions. While they were doing this, a battle fleet commanded by Naga Sadow, who had followed the Starbreaker 12's beacon, arrived to conquer the Republic. Although the frightened Kahorr and Gorrm tried to flee, Sadow's fleet destroyed the Starbreaker 12.


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