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Companions can fill certain crew roles in Galactic Starfighter, including offensive, defensive, tactical and engineering. Each faction also has four starting crew members to fill each role. Players can select one of the active crew members to be the copilot, which grants an active ability that can be used in battle, in addition to the two passive abilities every crew member has. Each crew member except for unlocked companions costs 600 fleet requisition.

Faction Class Companion Role Passive ability Copilot ability
Galactic Republic Galactic Republic All Republic Classes Ashy Engineering
B-3G9 Offensive
Oro Wogawa Defensive
Kendra Novar Tactical
C2-N2 Engineering
Icon class jediknight Jedi Knight T7-O1 Engineering
Kira Carsen Offensice
Doc Defensive
Sergeant Rusk Offensive
Lord Scourge Tactical
Icon class jediconsular Jedi Consular Qyzen Fess Offensive
Tharan Cedrax Engineering
Zenith Offensive
Lieutenant Iresso Tactical
Nadia Grell Defensive
Icon class trooper Trooper Aric Jorgan Offensive
Elara Dorne Tactical
M1-4X Defensive
Tanno Vik Defensive
Yuun Engineering
Icon class smuggler Smuggler Corso Riggs Offensive
Bowdaar Defensive
Risha Engineering
Akaavi Spar Tactical
Guss Tuno Defensive
Sith Empire Sith Empire All Imperial Classes Aven Geth Engineering
MZ-12 Offensive
Writch Hurley Defensive
Salana Rok Tactical
2V-R8 Engineering
Icon class sithwarrior Sith Warrior Vette Engineering
Malavai Quinn Tactical
Jaesa Willsaam Offensive
Lieutenant Pierce Offensive
Broonmark Defensive
Icon class sithinquisitor Sith Inquisitor Khem Val Offensive
Andronikos Revel Engineering
Ashara Zavros Defensive
Talos Drellik Tactical
Xalek Defensive
Icon class imperialagent Imperial Agent Kaliyo Offensive
Vector Defensive
Doctor Lokin Tactical
Ensign Temple Engineering
SCORPIO Tactical
Icon class bountyhunter Bounty Hunter Mako Tactical
Gault Offensive
Torian Cadera Defensive
Blizz Engineering
Skadge Offensive
Galactic RepublicSith Empire Both All Classes HK-51 Offensive
Treek Tactical