This lore can be found on Corellia.

Republic: X:824, Y:1183

Empire: X: -1787, Y: 3278

It's on incorporation islands.


Corellia's number one trade export is starships. Dozens of advanced shipyards orbit the planet, and dozens more stand planetside, working around the clock. All manner of vessels are constructed by Corellia's renowned shipwrights, from tiny scout pods to massive military dreadnoughts. Corellian-built starships are prized by buyers as diverse as the Republic Stellar Cartography Service and the Hutt Cartel. Corellia's dominance in the galactic starship market is also one reason why the Empire favored a political takeover of the planet. A world that makes the very best warships and trains some of the greatest pilots in the galaxy always keeps plenty of both for planetary defense.

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