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Stolen Medicine
Stolen Medicine
Mission Item
Stolen by Yael to aid the refugees.

Stolen Medicine is a mission item that can be obtained on the planet Ord Mantell, in the area known as Talloran Village. Stolen by Yael from the Republic outpost Fort Garnik, this medicine was seized by the separatists before it could be put to use.


A member of Sergeant Hurd's unit fell asleep while on guard duty, and Fort Garnik's supply of medicine was stolen while his eyes were closed. The medicine was stolen by Yael, a female Cathar driven from her home due to the fighting. She intended to use the medicines to help other refugees, but they were stolen by the separatists before they could be put to use.

Mission objective
Galactic Republic [5] Mercy


Stolen Medicine can be obtained as a dropped item upon the defeat of strong separatist mobs in the area known as Talloran Village.

Dropped item
  • Separatist Commando

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