Vederiat Ayon, a leader among the Kalikori Villagers, has told you that the Flesh Raiders are becoming stronger because of an elixir they've concocted that makes them ravenous.She believes depriving the Flesh Raiders of these elixirs will cause them to be less aggressive. She has asked you to destroy the vats that elixirs are created in. Odumis Mer, the village guard captain, can tell you where the elixir vats are located. Speak with him in Kalikori Village to learn the location of the elixir vats.


BONUS - Thin the Flesh Raider Ranks: Defeat Flesh Raiders 0/15

XP +281

Credits Credits (0)


Lightside +50 OR Darkside +50

Credits Credits (+84)

XP +1431

2 Minor Medpacs and Apprentice's Leggings

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