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Strongholds are legacy wide purchasable personal residences for players to customize and decorate. They were introduced with the Galactic Strongholds expansion. Strongholds are divided between personal and guild strongholds. Guilds get access to a flagship and a headquarters stronghold. Personal and guild strongholds can both be managed from the Stronghold Management Window.

If you deactivate your stronghold, all decorations inside the deactivated stronghold will automatically be moved into the decorations list to be made available somewhere else, but otherwise it will remain the same. When purchased with credits, reactivation costs the same amount as the purchase price; when purchased with Cartel Coins, reactivation is free.

List of strongholds[]

There are nine strongholds available for purchase, two faction specific and seven on neutral planets. The faction specific strongholds can be traveled to by characters of an enemy faction, but require a smuggler's fee.

Stronghold Occupancy Expansions Cost (Credit.png/Cartel coin.png) Description
Alderaan Noble Estate 20 9 Credit.png 4,000,000
Cartel coin.png 1,900
Located in the mountains of Alderaan, this stately manor has been home to many of Alderaan's aristocratic class. Enjoy the life of luxury with your guests in the mansion's great hall and rooms, or take in the fantastic views overlooking the valleys, snowing mountains, and hidden lakes.
Carrick Spacedock Penthouse 0 8 Galactic Season Tokens
Galactic Republic Coruscant Apartment 5 9 Credit.png 5,000
Cartel coin.png 50
Glittering atop one of Coruscant's highest city-spires, this luxurious penthouse apartment is located at the heart of the prestigious Senate District. It features elegant traditional Republic architecture, roomy interiors, and a view of the city skyline to rival any on Coruscant. Discreet but robust security features ensure that only the owner's chosen guests can gain access.
Sith Empire Kaas City Apartment 5 9 Credit.png 5,000
Cartel coin.png 50
A Dromund Kaas apartment without equal, this monolithic symbol of personal power and wealth towers above the most elite quadrant of Kaas City. Constructed of the finest materials in a bold, imposing style, this apartment has a commanding view of the Imperial Citadel, and includes an impenetrable security system to deter any unwelcome visitors or determined rivals.
Manaan Retreat 10 4 Credit.png 2,500,000
Cartel coin.png 2,500
After years of isolation, Manaan has finally opened its doors to outsiders with this secluded villa on the water. With expansive ocean views and state-of-the-art Selkath defenses, you can rest easy knowing your enemies are parsecs away. Relax on your rooftop garden to take in the fresh sea breeze, or retreat to your underwater den to watch firaxan sharks swim beneath your feet.
Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace 5 9 Credit.png 250,000
Cartel coin.png 500
Although its name suggests towering spires and ramparts, a Sky Palace is most distinguished by its incredible opulence. With luxurious accommodations, a stunning view, and state-of-the-art security system, this atmospheric apartment out-classes even the most decadent hotels in the galaxy. Owning a Sky Palace is a mark of true distinction on the Smuggler's Moon, where only the most affluent can afford lodgings with a view of the city skyline.
Rishi Hideout 10 12 Credit.png 3,000,000
Cartel coin.png 2,650
Escape the daily grind of galactic life by traveling to your own personal slice of paradise. This remote hideout on Rishi was once home to an infamous pirate crew-but not to worry! The property has been cleared of its sordid occupants by a heroic group of adventurers, and subsequently refurbished to include multiple customizable structures, a battle arena, and its own private beach!
Tatooine Homestead 10 7 Credit.png 2,500,000
Cartel coin.png 2,500
Get away from it all with this expansive homestead on the remote and scenic world of Tatooine. Located at the edge of the vast Dune Sea, features include wide-open exterior spaces, multiple outbuildings constructed in authentic local style, and a secure overlook built into the adjacent cliffside. And with only the latest in security technologies, attacks by marauding Sand People are a thing of the past!
Umbara Mobile Base 10 2 Credit.png 5,000
Cartel coin.png 50
Keep your enemies guessing with this stylish mobile defense base nestled within the walls of an Umbaran supply train. Enjoy the security of blast-proof barriers deep within the train's interior, or climb above-deck to watch the Umbaran scenery as you sail through the sky. With a convenient taxi to whisk you between cars, speed and mobility will be the least of your worries.
Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse 0 8 Galactic Season Tokens
Yavin 4 Temple 10 9 Credit.png 2,500,000
Cartel coin.png 2,500
Lost for centuries under the towering treetops of Yavin 4, this temple is the perfect retreat far, far away from the troubles of the Galaxy.

Customizing and decorating[]

To start placing decorations, click the button on the toolbar to enter EDIT MODE. While in Edit Mode, right-click a hook layout to pop up the hook editor.

The hook editor window will display a complete list of decorations that will fit into the selected hook. The list can be filtered by category and subcategory. Decorations will often fit into multiple hook types. Eligible hooks are displayed in the decoration's tooltip.

Once the desired decoration has been selected, click the PLACE button to insert it into the hook. It can then be nudged and rotated within the hook using the sliders that appear.

Decorations can usually be modified by clicking the LAYOUTS button and selecting a different set of hooks. Different layouts can be previewed by selecting them. Clicking APPLY LAYOUT will confirm the change and automatically pick up any decorations placed in the associated hooks.

Players will earn prestige for their legacy with each new decoration unlocked in their personal collection. As decorations are placed, the stronghold completion percentage will increase. A stronghold's prestige value is determined by its completion percentage multiplied by the legacy's prestige. Prestige is used to rank strongholds on the Public Listings.

Players can also unlock stronghold labels, which allow them to set a different name for their stronghold in the Stronghold Management Window. They can also select a different character in their legacy to be the official owner.