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Subterranean Seeker Droids are used for surveying the underground areas of planets for valuable items and ore that can be recovered and sold by scavengers and treasure hunters.


Galactic Republic: You will receive this codex, after you complete the first Seeker Droid missionMaster Gend’s Mission” on Coruscant.

Sith Empire: You will receive this codex, after you complete the first Seeker Droid missionAn Invitation From Darth Acina” on Dromund Kaas.


"There are many designs of seeker droid in the galaxy, but few can match the versatility and resilience of those models nicknamed “moles” by their users. Subterranean seeker droids are built using the highest-grade durasteel components and programmed for the hazardous task of drilling through soil and rock, surveying the underground area and dredging up any items deemed valuable by its analysis parameters. Subterranean seeker droids have been used with great success in places as diverse as Tatooine’s Dune Sea and Alderaan’s Juran Mountains. An especially enterprising scavenger modified her seeker droid for deep-sea drilling and excavation on Manaan. A hungry Firaxan shark swallowed the device whole, but did not live long enough to regret it. The scavenger ate well for several weeks afterwards."
―In-game codex[src]
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