Subverting Karrels Javis

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Sith Empire Subverting Karrels Javis
Sith Empire

Level 6 Sith Empire mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet [[Hutta]]
Area [[Nem'ro's Palace]]
Start [[Keeper]]
End [[Keeper]]
Bonus [[Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [6] Marked Evocii]]
Previous [[Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [4] Soiree]]
Next [[Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [7] Economies of Scale]]

Subverting Karrels Javis is a level 6 Imperial Agent class mission. It is obtained on Hutta by speaking with Keeper in Nem'ro's Palace.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Now working undercover as the pirate "the Red Blade," you've been assigned to earn the trust of Karrels Javis--the weak link in Nem'ro the Hutt's criminal organization.

Meet with Karrels in Nem'ro's palace and find a way to help him regain Nem'ro's favor.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Subverting Karrels Javis mission description

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Karrels Javis
  • Speak to Dheno Rey
    • Choice: Choose to pay Dheno Rey
      • Light Side Icon.png +50 "Take some of my credits."
    • Choice: Choose to charm Dheno Rey (Female only)
      • Light Side Icon.png +50 "[Flirt] Be nice to a lady."
    • Choice: Choose to kill Dheno Rey
      • Dark Side Icon.png +50 "You scum. [Attack]" or "You forced my hand. [Attack]" or "Moron." (female) or "Forget it." (female)
  • Speak to Odeph
    • Light Side Icon.png +50 "Step away from him."
  • Recover the Crates of Ore
  • Return to Karrels Javis
  • Speak to Kaliyo Djannis
  • Speak to Karrels Javis
  • Use the Holoterminal in your Suite

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Credit.png 54
  • 2081 XP

Provided Rewards:

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