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Subverting Karrels Javis

Level 6 mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet [[Hutta]]
Area [[Nem'ro's Palace]]
Start [[Keeper]]
End [[Keeper]]
Bonus Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [6] Marked Evocii
Previous Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [4] Soiree
Next Sith Empire Icon class imperialagent.png [7] Economies of Scale

Subverting Karrels Javis is a level 6 Imperial Agent class mission. It is obtained on Hutta by speaking with Keeper in Nem'ro's Palace.


Now working undercover as the pirate "the Red Blade," you've been assigned to earn the trust of Karrels Javis--the weak link in Nem'ro the Hutt's criminal organization.

Meet with Karrels in Nem'ro's palace and find a way to help him regain Nem'ro's favor.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Subverting Karrels Javis mission description


  • Speak to Karrels Javis
  • Speak to Dheno Rey
    • Choice: Choose to pay Dheno Rey
      • Light Side Icon.png +50 "Take some of my credits."
    • Choice: Choose to charm Dheno Rey (Female only)
      • Light Side Icon.png +50 "[Flirt] Be nice to a lady."
    • Choice: Choose to kill Dheno Rey
      • Dark Side Icon.png +50 "You scum. [Attack]" or "You forced my hand. [Attack]" or "Moron." (female) or "Forget it." (female)
  • Speak to Odeph
    • Light Side Icon.png +50 "Step away from him."
  • Recover the Crates of Ore
  • Return to Karrels Javis
  • Speak to Kaliyo Djannis
  • Speak to Karrels Javis
  • Use the Holoterminal in your Suite


  • Credit.png 54
  • 2081 XP

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