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The Sun Razer was a large space station that was designed by Darth Mekhis and was constructed during the Cold War.


Sun Razer refers to a class of space station that was capable of encircling an entire star and functioned by saping the star of its matter and energy. Through its special converter engines, a Sun Razer was able to provide resources faster than mining. The energy generated by the station was so great that it was capable of powering a civilization for decades. This allowed the Sith Empire to create superweapons by producing enough power and materials for construction. However, not every star was able to be used by a Sun Razer with only a select few fulfilling the requirements. A Sun Razer also required shielding to protect it from the heat of the star and lowering these shields would be catastrophic.


During the Cold War, Dark Council member Darth Mekhis created the Sun Razer, it was inspired by ancient alien designs like the Star Forge. One such device was constructed around the star of the Vesla system with a further six planned for the other solar systems in the Black Sectors that were ceded to the Empire under the Treaty of Coruscant. More were intended but the fact that the Sun Razer required specific kinds of stars limited their production.

The superweapons created by the Imperial Military, normally would have taken decades to produce even with an army of slaves. However, with a single Sun Razer, the Empire was able to produce two or three superweapons in a year. Jedi Master Ngani Zho learned of the Sun Razer's existence while posing as a slave in the Vesla system, but the encounter ruined his memory. He later went back with SIS agent Theron Shan. After the two were captured, agent Shan managed to free himself and his comrade after which he intended to lower the shields protecting the Sun Razer. After defeating Darth Mekhis and her Sith Knights, he accomplished his objective and escaped to Republic space.

Superweapons created by the Sun Razer


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