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Sunstruck Grasslands

The Sunstruck Grasslands is an area located in the Markaran Plains on the planet Balmorra. The Satellite Control Tower can be found in this area.


Mission objective[]

Mission end[]


  • Natho


  • Imperial Command Droid
  • Imperial Defender Droid
  • Imperial Jumptrooper
  • Imperial Lieutenant
  • Imperial Probe Droid
  • Imperial Protector Droid
  • Imperial Recovery Agent
  • Imperial Spotter
  • Imperial Watchguard
  • OT-12 Enforcer Droid
  • OT-17 Eliminator Droid
  • Resistance Militia
  • Resistance Patrol Droid
  • Resistance Recruit


  • Elder Bormu
  • Starving Zeldrate
  • Young Bormu