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Paran Am-Ris (formerly)
Dorian Janarus
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Granted to an individual who is the leader of the Galactic Republic and the head of the Galactic Senate


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The Supreme Chancellor, simply known as the Chancellor, is the title granted to an individual who is elected leader of the Galactic Republic and the head the Galactic Senate who enforces and defends law and order for the republic. As such, the Supreme Chancellor serves as both political arbiter and leader of the free galaxy. The Supreme Chancellor also has the authority to grant military titles and appoint military leaders in the Republic Military.[1] A Chancellor is elected into office by the Galactic Senate to serve a four-year term.[2] Oftentimes a Chancellor is voted into office from the current members of the Senate, and a new Senator is concurrently voted into place for that planet during the same meeting. They can be removed from office by loss of an election, by serving the maximum number of terms, or through a vote of no confidence in the Senate.

The office was held by Supreme Chancellor Janarus up until the government of Corellia seceded to the Empire. A bounty hunter, whom Janaras had placed at the top of the Republic's Most Wanted list, helped discourage any hopes of Corellia rejoining the Republic. Soon after, Janaras was tracked and removed from office by the same hunter, at which point Leontyne Saresh, the governor of Taris and Janarus' political rival, assumed the office.

Known Supreme Chancellors


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