"In some ways, Supreme Commander Rans is a soldier from another time. He grew up in the peaceful years before the Sith Empire’s return, where the greatest threats he faced were border skirmishes with scattered Mandalorian clans. Nevertheless, Rans proved to be a quick-thinking and heroic soldier; as he ascended the ranks, his looks and easy charm also made him a media darling and helped him to build up the Republic military to new and impressive standards. Although a clever strategist and liked by his men, Rans was outplayed by the Sith Empire in the later days of the war. Underestimating the Imperial threat, he pushed to move troops off Coruscant and onto the Imperial border not long before the planet was sacked. Rans has more than learned from his mistake, however. No one in the Republic military is more dedicated to driving back the Empire and restoring the glory days of the Republic."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]
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Commander Rans

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