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Tanno Vik

Trooper companion

Faction: Galactic Republic
Species: Weequay
Gender: Male
Planet: Balmorra
Weapon(s): Techblades
Voice actor: David Anthony Pizzuto

Tanno Vik is a Trooper companion.


One of the most talented demolitions experts to ever serve in the Republic military, Tanno Vik is charming, highly skilled, and completely amoral. Born to the lawless streets of Nar Shaddaa, Vik is accustomed to putting his own interests first; enlistment was merely a convenient means of escape after betraying one criminal partner too many. But once he got his hands on the most advanced weapons and explosives in the galaxy, he was hooked.

During training, Vik impressed his instructors with his unprecedented speed at locating structural weaknesses in everything from buildings to vehicles, ensuring that he always planted his explosives where they would do the most damage. He was even considered for entry into Special Forces division, but his belligerent attitude and disregard for authority held him back. Criminal accusations were registered against him throughout his short service career, until he was finally convicted for masterminding a protection racket while defending a Republic outpost on Talay. After his discharge, Vik resorted to mercenary work, and still plies his abilities in the galaxy's deadliest conflict areas to this day.


Likes: Ruthlessness, mercenary behavior, mocking authority and everyone else, blowing things up

Dislikes: Kindness, self-sacrifice


Tanno prefers Delicacies, Luxury, and Underworld gifts.

Tanno Vik gift preferences
Courting Cultural Delicacies Imperial Luxury Maintenance Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
++++ ++++ +++ ++ ++++ +++


Largest Detonation: 20 kilotons



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