Taral V
Taral V
Imperials are holding a Jedi prisoner who is critical to the Republic war effort. Your team must travel deep into enemy territory to recover the key to liberating this Republic hero.
Level 29-33
Location The Telos: Command Deck
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Cademimu Galactic Republic IconMaelstrom Prison
Handler Gattan
Captain Shivanek
Lord Hasper (optional)
General Edikar

Taral V is a mid game Republic Flashpoint designed for four players.


Hidden deep within a dangerous region of space, an Imperial prison houses a legendary Jedi Master. Long before the Sith Empire’s return from exile, this Jedi traveled to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to confront the Emperor himself. But the Jedi was defeated, and held in stasis as the Emperor attempted to purge information from the Jedi's mind.

For ages this Jedi was thought to have been dead, but now a Force ghost has revealed that not only does the long-lost Jedi live, but he is being held prisoner within the treacherous Maelstrom Nebula. Armed with this knowledge, Jedi Master Oteg assembles a group of the Republic’s most elite heroes and sends them to the Imperial world of Taral V. There they will battle against the legions of Imperial soldiers, as well as deadly creatures, as they steal Imperial star charts that will lead them straight to the hidden prison.

Taral V is available to Republic players, and is designed to be experienced around level 33.


Imperial forces are holding an important Jedi prisoner who is critical to the Republic war effort. A Republic team of up to four players must travel deep into enemy territory to recover the key to liberating the Republic prisoner.

The story begins with an introduction from Jedi Master Oteg, a Yoda-species Jedi Master. He asks that the players maintain an open mind, since the source of his information is unconventional and unusual. Master Oteg then helps the team to see a Force Ghost of a dead Jedi, who says:

"The Darkness will consume all it touches. Stars will burn black, ashes raining on lifeless worlds. Everything ends. The prisoner holds the darkness at bay, lost inside it for three hundred years. His strength will fail, and then he will become the darkness."

Master Oteg reveals that the Force Ghost has helped him to learn of the existence of an Imperial prison in the Maelstrom Nebula, as well as a way to get there. The only way to navigate through the constantly changing maelstrom is using a Gree computer that is held in an Imperial Fortress. The first half of the flashpoint involes storming this fortress to obtain the computer in order to free the Jedi Prisoner.

The fortress is on Taral V, which is guarded by a large number of Imperial warships. Master Oteg reveals that he has a captured Imperial ship that the team can use to sneak past the warships into enemy lines. The Republic fleet holds at the system's edge to monitor the team's progress.


Concept art of Imperial structures on Taral V [1]

The ship lands on Taral V, and the Republic team fights their way to the compound. The planet is populated by both Imperial troops and jungle beasts.

After defeating the Imperial leader Captain Shivanek, the team must disable the fortress' security grid.

Mission Objectives

  1. Obtain the Gree computer from the Taral V fortress.

Bonus Objectives

  • Destroy the Imperial Research Stations (8)
  • Defeat Jungle Monsters (20)
  • Defeat Imperial Forces (45)


1. Handler Gattan

Humanoid that has two trained Vinecats that fight at his command. Armed with a blaster rifle. (783xp per player) Known Drops: Telos Commendation

2. Captain Shivanek

an Imperial Officer wearing heavy armor and wielding a blaster rifle. Upon being engaged, Captain Shivanek releases his pet Jungle Skinflayer, Ripper. He has skills very similar to the Republic Trooper, including Missile, Stockstrike, and an unknown lightning strike. (1567xp per player).

3. Ripper

A large Jungle Skinflayer that is actually tougher than his owner. He attacks mainly with powerful swipes and AOE blasts. Once Shivanek is killed, Ripper gains an "Enraged" buff that greatly increases his stats. (1567xp per player) Known Drops: Telos Commendation, Telos Relentless Vanguard's Helmet, Telos Altruistic Sage's Waistband

4. Lord Hasper (optional)

Optional boss at the end of the Talar V bonus quest line.

5. General Edikar

Final boss. This fight is basically a DPS race. Edikar enrages after 3 minutes.


  • Jungle Skinflayers
  • Jungle Vinecats
  • Jungle Riverlurker
  • Jungle Crawlers
  • Imperial Jungle Commandos
  • Imperial Jungle Scout
  • Imperial Watchman
  • Imperial Bulwark


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