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Independent Taris Independent

Seat of the Empire
Galactic Republic 16-20 and Sith Empire 32-36

Allegiance: Independent
Status: Republic Re-Colonization Efforts Have Begun
Terrain: Swamplands, Modern Ruins, Frequent Rainfall
Key facts: Razed by Sith Lord Darth Malak 300 years ago during the Jedi Civil War

Taris is the fifth planet orbiting a star in the Outer Rim. Once a thriving ecumenopolis, it was reduced to a post-apocalyptic swamp three centuries ago by Darth Malak. The majority of the cityscape was destroyed, and much of what wasn't collapsed into the planet's undercity. Now the Republic seeks to re-colonize the ruins; the success of this undertaking would be a significant spiritual victory against the Empire.[1]


Three centuries ago the ecumenopolis of Taris fell to orbital bombardment by Darth Malak, as the Sith Lord attempted to ensure the death of Jedi Bastila Shan. Though Malak failed to kill his target, the planet was decimated.[1]

Since the attack Taris has been reclaimed by nature, the once-thriving cityscape reduced to a post-apocalyptic swamp. That said, following the Great War the Republic has set out to re-colonize the planet's surface; if successful, it is believed their efforts would instill a measure of hope in those who suffered at the hands of the Empire. However, the ruins scattered across Taris are populated by rakghoul hordes and other horrors. If they are to succeed the Republic colonists must overcome the threats these creatures pose, as well as any forces sent by the Empire to bring their efforts to an end.[1]

Codex entries[]

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Taris has 34 codex entries: 7 bestiary, 5 datacrons (see below), 1 epic enemy, 7 locations, 7 lore, 4 organizations, and 3 persons of note.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
1187, -575 +2 Strength Transport Station 5 Galactic History 25: Two Rivals
-1513, -255 +2 Aim Municipal Utility District, Republic Resettlement Zone Start by following the wall at (-1368,-210) all the way around. Then cross a pipe, follow another wall and jump down onto a platform area and fall through the hole in the floor. Galactic History 23: The Sith Order Begins
1047, 454 +2 Cunning Derelict Swoop Tracks, The Tularan Marsh Start climbing the pipe at (1181,264). Galactic History 24: Empress Teta
-362, -227 +2 Willpower Dynamet General Hospital In the Research Lab area. In the large room, jump over the boxes in the corner to get to the Emergency Exit. Galactic History 26: Naga Sadow's Deceptions
1059, 1039 Green Matrix Shard Abandoned Power Plant Requires two people. One person activates the console; the other person is launched into the air. Land on the pipes, follow to platforms. Galactic History 27: The Great Hyperspace War
-643, 1606 +4 Mastery Republic Mines, The Brell Sediment Entrance to Abandoned Pirate Cave at -750, 1170. Republic Mines on 2nd level. This one's got hard jumps. Start by the bulldozer/forklift in the same room as the Datacron. Climb up the track near the wall. Climbing on shelves, boxes, and pipes; follow the walls of the room. Jump down for the Datacron. Galactic History 52: Exar Kun Faces Korriban



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