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"The son of Alderaanian nobility, Tarro Blood renounced his privileged existence as the heir to a minor lordship in favor of pursuing greater glory and fame as a galaxy-renowned Mandalorian mercenary. Leaving his past behind and taking on a new dramatic moniker, Blood was able to prove that he was no pretender after years of training under a famed Mandalorian champion. Under the guidance of this exceptional tutor, Blood became a feared warrior and the favorite to claim victory in the next Great Hunt. Unfortunately, Tarro Blood's characteristic arrogance and sudden rise to prominence rubbed his competition the wrong way. The other Mandalorians in the competition made it their mission to ensure that he never came close to claiming victory. The resulting defeat nearly cost Blood his life, in addition to his pride, and he has remained away from the public eye for nearly a decade."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Tarro Blood was a male Human Mandalorian warrior and mercenary who competed in two separate Great Hunt events during the Galactic Republic's Cold War against the Sith Empire. During his first appearance in the competition, he abandoned all sense of honor and went to lengths to sabotage competition, but was stopped and almost killed.


Blood was born into Alderaanian nobility, but rejected his right as heir to a minor noble and turned toward bounty hunting. His fast rise to fame and arrogant nature earned him a reputation as a lying, cheating backstabber, due to his exposure to Alderaan politics. He entered the Great Hunt as a Mandalorian, but lowered himself to using any means to get past his competition to victory, even going against the Mandalorian sense of honor. His cheating nearly got him killed, and he disappeared from the galaxy for ten years until the next calling of the Hunt.

This time, Blood returned with a mercenary force and used his leverage as a Mandalorian to cripple his competition before the Hunt even began, managing to illegally acquire a list of Great Hunt entrants and hopefuls. During his surgical removal of competition, his forces killed a bounty hunter named Braden, whose protege managed to ascend to the Great Hunt despite all of Blood's influence and backstabbing. Outraged, Blood approached the Huntmaster, but was unable to remove the hunter from competition.

Furious, Blood tracked down a list of Great Hunt targets and created all sorts of difficulties for the hunter to get through in the hopes that those complications would get the hunter killed. When the hunter was able to complete the first round of the Hunt, Tarro sold the list of Great Hunt targets to a slicer on Hutta, forcing the hunter to retrieve the list and secure it again. The hunter was unable to prove Tarro's guilt.

Yet again, in the Hunt's second round, Blood attempted to block the hunter's attempts to complete contracts, but again failed, and Blood and the hunter became the last two people in the hunt. In the final round, Blood was sloppy and was captured almost immediately by Republic forces. When the hunter boarded, Republic security was all but demolished until it reached Tarro's cell. Seeing Blood, the hunter ultimately killed him, his body blown apart as the ship was destroyed, ridding the galaxy and the Mandalorians of the foul stain of his existence.

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