Taspan Ambush
Taspan Ambush
Taspan Ambush
Vital statistics
Location Coreward Worlds
Taspan system
Rewards Credits Credits (1,413)
Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation
Level Available 30
Ship Grade 1+
Duration 3:25

This Space Battle along with the Ezran Outpost comprise the two missions of the Operation Molten Splinter player mission.


Taspan Ambush is an Imperial Space Battle mission to assist Major Boro Fareed in successfully defecting to the Empire. His intentions were discovered at the last minute by the Galactic Republic. They are attempting to capture his shuttle and the Fury squadron is ordered to ensure that doesn't happen.



  • Escort defector shuttle to safety


  • Protect the Shuttle from Fighters
    • Destroy Talon Fighters - 40

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:


Use torpedoes on the frigates and take out the turrets as quickly as possible. They swarm on the shuttle at various points and cause a lot of damage to the shuttle. To ensure the shuttle survives to the end of the engagement you will need to work hard to limit the amount of damage the shuttle takes. Since the Talon Fighter's are easy to take out, try to take them out as quickly as possible and switch back to the turrets of the frigates.

When you are having Talon Fighters coming toward you as well as giving chase to the shuttle, focus on those giving chase first. They will do more damage over the long run to the shuttle.

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