Distant Outer Rim

Status: Haven for Pirates and Smugglers
Terrain: Seas of Sand and Rock
Key facts: Abandoned by the Czerka Corporation

Tatooine is a desert world in the Outer Rim, and the first of three planets that orbit the suns of a binary star system in the Arkanis sector. The world is known as a haven for smugglers, pirates, and those seeking to conduct questionable research away from prying eyes. Five hundred years ago the Czerka Corporation came to Tatooine in search of hidden resources; failing to discover the reserves they sought, Czerka instead established a now-abandoned weapons development complex on the planet's surface.[1]


For much of its history Tatooine remained of little interest to the galaxy; the planet's brutal climate and sun-baked surface offered few reasons to visit the world. However, the Czerka Corporation felt this desert planet held more to offer than it first appeared. Five hundred years ago Czerka arrived to obtain resources that they, ultimately, were unable to find. The Corporation's interests on Tatooine instead turned to that of weapons development and testing.[1]

Czerka Corporation eventually abandoned its holdings on Tatooine, leaving its research complex to be reclaimed by the desert world. Believing Czerka left more than just their research facilities, however, the Sith Empire has taken in interest in the planet and established a base of operations in Mos Ila. Imperial troops scavenge the abandoned labs not far from the settlement of Anchorhead, a regular pit stop for Republic ships that find themselves in the Outer Rim.[1]



Planet story

  • Field Trip
  • The Thing Czerka Found

Bonus series

  • Forge The Future
    • Militia Training
    • Water Pirates
    • Show of Force



Codex entries

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Tatooine has 35 codex entries: 9 bestiary, 5 datacrons (see below), 1 epic enemy, 4 locations, 4 lore, 3 organizations, 3 persons of note, 5 species and 1 title.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
[2140, -3672] +3 Cunning Anchorhead Republic.png Start by jumping onto the northwestern corner of the wall at [1641, -3721]. Follow the wall to the rooftops and across the awnings until you reach [2028, -3858]. Jump across to the wall and follow it around to the awning on the south side of the next building at [2124, -3802]. Cross over and the datacron is on the left on the roof across from the cantina. Galactic History 39: The Third Great Schism


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