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Improve your FPS[]

  • SWTOR Unleashed (Helps with loading times and FPS [Frames per Second] for systems with more than 4 GB of free RAM) - Latest Download - Settings
Courtesy of u/mintchan
SWTOR unleashed is wonderful. speed up loading time and frame rate. But it hasn't been updated since, July 2014. It seems break completely since 3.0 But there is a way to make it work. you may need about 12GB of memory. (mine is 16GB)
Go to the installed folder, find the XML document named 'SwtorUnleashed', right click and choose edit
Go to the line with <RamDriveSize>6063</RamDriveSize>
Change to <RamDriveSize>7063</RamDriveSize>
Save it. and run swtor unleashed as usual.
  • Direct X 9c (Helps with some FPS Problems)
Courtsey of u/dksprocket
This was an official post in the german forums today:
Translation (thanks solembum): "if you dont have installed the latest version of directx 9.0c additionaly to your DirectX11 it could help to do so. Nothing will be deleted or overwritten dueing this process. Though it can help increase the FPS."
Theory is that basic directx 9 stuff is being emulated by directx 10/11 if you are missing the dx9 files.
Download links: (german mirror)
(Will prompt for a directory to unpack into, just make a dir for it)
Personally I can confirm vastly improved frame rate, especially in zerg pvp in Ilum where I went from 5-10 fps to 25 fps.
Please post your results in the comments.
Edit: Seem results vary between huge improvements to no improvement. Biggest diffrence seen in Fleet and in Ilum zerg PvP. People who get no improvements may already have the files on their system from other games.

Reducing Mouse Speed[]

  • Close the game.
  • In Windows Explorer, change the view to show hidden items.
  • Open "C:\Users[YourUserNameHere]\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings[username]_Account.ini"
  • Then change the setting "Controls_CameraRotationSpeed = 0.6" (or whatever number it was) and replace the number with a lower one.
  • Relaunch the game and test the speed. Do not touch the in-game mouse speed preferences again, or it will over-write the changes made to the .ini file.

Alternate Option;

  • If you have Windows 10 could you adjust the compatibility settings and disable the pointer precision?
  • - Adjust Compatibility Settings
  • Open the Star Wars The Old Republic folder, right-click on launcher.exe and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab, then check the box for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings", hit apply and ok.
  • - Disable Pointer Precision
  • Click the Start button and go to Settings, select Devices then "Mouse & Touchpad" click "Additional Mouse Options", select the Pointer Options tab and uncheck "Enhance Pointer Precision". Click Apply then Ok.
  • If you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1 try to change the Windows Text Scaling. Right-click on the desktop, Display Settings and set the Change the size of text, apps etc to 100%.

Official Support[]

Please be aware that neither the wiki, the subreddit, or the discord are an official source of technical support. Any actions you perform based on advice from other users are done so at your own risk. Please contact BioWare's official support if you continue to have a problem. If you are a subscriber, you can make an in-game ticket by typing /bug ingame. Everyone can post on the Customer Service Forums, or call their customer support hotline.

In-Game Support[]

If you’re a subscriber and you require assistance with an issue inside the game, you can create an in-game ticket by clicking on the Customer Service Help Request Main Menu option (or by pressing "Ctrl + /") and following the instructions on the Request Help tab. Note that submitting reports to the "bug" category will not allow you to receive a reply for custom support (that category is for reporting game-wide bugs that affect more than just you).

If you are not a subscriber, you can also use the /bug command in game to submit a bug report.

Bug Reports[]

If you're not a subscriber and want to report a bug, head over to the AHQ Bug Board here. You will need to give additional information so they know how to reproduce the bug.

Phone Support[]

If you need assistance with your account, encounter a problem while making a payment, or are unable to log in to the game the best course of action is to contact our Customer Service team over the phone. Billing issues or account issues can only be solved by calling, they can not be resolved ingame or through email.

  • USA: 1-(855)-345-2186 (Support available from 9.00 CT - 21.00 CT)
  • UK: +44 (0)203 0141 826 (Support available from 15.00 GMT - 3.00 GMT)
  • France: +33 (0) 4 81 68 10 51 (Support available from 11.00 CET - 20.00 CET)
  • Germany: + 49 (0)221 8282 9212 (Support available from 11.00 CET - 20.00 CET)
  • Additional Countries

Skype Support[]

You may also use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like Skype, Viber, or Google Voice, to call Customer Service, regardless of where you are calling from. International calls made using VoIP are generally far less expensive than calls made from a mobile phone or landline.

Open the VOIP program or app of your choice, then:


  • Set your country to the UK.
  • Dial 0203 014 1826.


  • Set your location to France.
  • Dial 04 81 68 10 51.


  • Set your location to Germany.
  • Dial (0221) 82829212.

Unofficial info: if you are calling with Skype this may be a way to call support for free. Some users have mentioned that you may need to first add SWTOR's skype number as a "contact" first. The unofficial times for Skype/VOIP support are 9.00 CT - 21.00 CT.

Running SWTOR on OS X/macOS using Wine[]

Guide:Running on macOS