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Tidal Force
Telekinetics (Skill Tree)
Faction: Republic
Base Class: Jedi Consular
Advanced Class:

Jedi Sage

Telekinetics is a skill tree of the Advanced Class Jedi Sage. This tree focuses on using the force to cause damage to enemies. In RPG terms, this is a Ranged DPS skill tree. The skills in this tree focus on improving the existing force abilities and conserving force points.

The following table contains the known skills that can be gained from this tree;

Skill tree abilities


Skill Type

Level Available


Tidal Force Tidal Force Passive <20 Disturbance has a 30% chance and Forcequake has a 9% chance when dealing damage to cause Tidal Force, immediately ending the cooldown on Telekinetic Wave and reducing the casting time of the next Telekinetic Wave by 100%. This effect cannot occur more than once in 10 seconds.
Telekinetic Momentum Telekinetic Momentum Passive <20 When Disturbance or Telekinetic Wave is cast, there is a 30% chance the ability will produce a second attack that strikes the same target for 30% of the original damage and cause no threat.

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