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This template is designed to represent the most common forms of currency: the set of credits and the commendation badges tracked using the currency window.
All other items that are used as currency and quest objectives should use {{costitem|<cost>|<actual item>|<display name/desired link>}} instead of this template.
If a standard in-game icon exists in the form of File:icon_name.png, you can create a currency count with:
The |icon= value should be in the form of: icon_name.png
If you don't know the icon, but know the name, use |icon=icons_noicon.png.
Cost abbreviations
  • Credits (Credits) - c
Flashpoint commendation Planet commendations
{{Cost|<>|<credits> |<c=> |<cfptbt=> |<cpkorrh=>}}
Supported currencies
Credits Credits (2,000)
Credits Credits (200)Korriban commendation 3 Korriban Commendation
Korriban commendation 5 Korriban Commendation

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