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Sith Empire The Black Talon Sith Empire

Black talon screenshot.png

Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Space transport
Story Mode 10-14
Veteran Mode 10-14
Master Mode 50+
Group Finder Yes
Encounters GXR-5 Sabotage Droid
Commander Ghulil
GXR-7 Command Droid (Optional)
Yadira Ban


{{Flashpoint infobox
 |name         = 
 |allegiance   = 
 |image        = 
 |type         = 
 |loc          = 
 |fpstory      = 
 |fpvet        = 
 |fpmaster     = 
 |group        = 
 |fpencounters = 


;name         : The name of the flashpoint or operation.
;allegiance   : '''[[Galactic Republic]]''' or '''[[Sith Empire]]''' or '''[[Galactic Republic]] and [[Sith Empire]]'''.
;image        : A screenshot of the flashpoint or operation.
;type         : Either '''Flashpoint''' or '''Operation'''. 
;loc          : The area the flashpoint or operation is located in.
;fpstory      : Level range for Story Mode.
;fpvet        : Level range for Veteran Mode.
;fpmaster     : Level range for Master Mode.
;group        : Is this flashpoint available on the group finder? '''Yes''' or '''No'''.
;fpencounters : Links to each boss broken by a line break <br> with the term (Optional) included for bonus bosses.